THAT FREEKIN... not quite getting the results space... - Mandy Perry

Welcome to being human… the dance.. the inevitable back and forth of outgrowing who you were, and embodying who you are called to be.

The lit-up fire you feel and have felt your entire life.. being blown out over and over by LIFE, by feelings.

Blown out by discouragement, frustration, overwhelm….. worry.

Because you are human.

so not the same as the people around you.

You choose something different.
You reignite again and again.
You enter the battle between the part of you that wants to stay the same and the part of you that is growing, changing, maturing…

But time after time you show up, challenge yourself and DO THE THING… only to end up back at the place of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and a sense of endless needing to be ON.. when you just want to feel taken care of.

You just want to feel the ease.
The exhale.
The debt free-ness.
The take care of my parents without struggle-ness.
The give my kids the life I never had-ness.
The clients having huge breakthroughs everyday-ness.
The frolic the planet-ness.

And you do what you need to do AGAIN… today… to put aside the fear and show up for today’s tasks.

Moments of fire, but moments of –
How am I going to sustain this?… And why can’t I just be more disciplined, happier?

You are incredible.. how you just keep going… how you demand more of yourself and show up…

Yet.. this feeling of never quite arriving just doesn’t go away…

(truth time)

Because you never show up fully and consistently enough for you to get out of the day 2 phase.

The phase where you are in and doing the thing but have just enough OLD YOU things happening to keep you from breaking through to the OXYGEN you need.

You have such a friggin huge heart, and so much power.. and you KNOW IT.. and sometimes knowing just what you are capable of shuts you down a bit.. because your daily behavior isn’t reflecting that power.

And it’s time it does. FULLY.

You are as worthy as ANY human ever was of having it…

BUT only YOU can give it to yourself.
No one can give this to you.

Here’s how it looks…
begin – ohh! This is so exciting and fun.
Ehh… it’s getting a little hard.
Grrr… I’m backing myself and doing this!
Ehh… this is way harder than I thought…

Ease off…
All the reasons why I do not DEMAND what I desire.
All the reasons I can play in the mischief of what WAS.

Do things to motivate me again and start again…

Never quite showing up fully enough to get on the OTHER side of the $, the business design, the VOICE, or gifts you bring to the table with perfect certainty.

You quit before the finish line…

A place of desiring to be good.
To belong.
To feel safe.

And you GET to have that… all of it.

But what if the way to have ALL OF THAT is by once and for all.. doing something where you CAN’T quit.
You CAN’T ease up.
You CAN’T hide.
You can’t lie to yourself anymore.


What if that was only required for a SMALL season and you’d finally break through to the results you desire.
You’d FINALLY have the results that create the motivation for you and now you are n a running machine.

What if it’s not true that breaking through meant you’d have to sustain that FOREVER AND EVER.. that it was only a small season.

A small season of courage and commitment.
A small season of doing WHATEVER IT TAKES (within your integrity) to WIN.

To really, fully make it happen.


You and I both know when you really set your heart and soul to something, you are unstoppable. You always have been.

So what’s it going to be?

2500 more weeks of repeating the SAME?

2500 weeks of having to push through and show up even though it feels like you are just treading water to make it through the next month?

Or are we going to stop living in this spiral staircase.. and allow the REAL abundance through?

We go first.
We tell Source that we are ready by taking massive action to back ourselves.

WE MAKE THE COMMITMENT that we know dam* well… in order to make that commitment worth it, I’d have to BE someone new.

We take the action that makes it clear that we are not willing to stay the same.

This isn’t the kind of life you HAVE TO choose in order to be safe.. you will be safe either way…

BUT.. it IS something we call ourselves to if we desire the results only the next-level version of us can get.
The actual relief.
The financial freedom.
The ease.
The flow.
The power to take care of everyone we love.

Those of you who have been called know exactly what I am talking about. You are not here reading this today on accident.

This is your call to adventure.
This is your call to greatness.
Opportunity DOES pass, and success is rigged for the bold.

We either have the skill to show up for the call NOW, or we don’t have the skill, because NOW is all that there is.

Tomorrow will just feel like NOW.
Later today will just feel like NOW.
It always just FEELS like right now.. so either you can do it NOW, or it’s not happening.

#nomorelies #nomorepretend

It was ALWAYS going to be YOU.

Mandy xx



PS: The Rapid $500k Sales BOOTCAMP

When is a good time to let mastering serving your clients, calling their a** to more, and playing a big game in life be the priority?

When are we going to be FULLY DONE with the HALFWAY results compared to what we are called to?

Either we powerfully hold space for others to thrive and transform or we are caught up in the make sure I’m safe vibes.

Mastering sales is about learning to get off of US, and ONTO service. True powerful service that is magnetic to the world.

— The kind of sales that changes people’s lives just by being privy to the selling…

— The kind of sales that makes people FEEL something.
They don’t get how you can just be right up in their head… like you are talking right to them.

— The kind of sales that comes from fire, passion, and purpose… from the call to lead.

— The kind of sales that comes from the failures and hurts in our life.

— The kind of sales that radically changes the industry and the world.

— The kind of sales that can only come from the aligned human who knows WHO they are, WHAT they do, and WHY they do it.

— The kind of sales that is something you do because it is WHO YOU ARE, not because you have to.

AND.. finally seeing it through to completion until its habit.

It’s clear, powerful, and steady AF.

Welcome to #MarineCorpsMandy.

We are going all in, all the way PAST the finish line… to wire this in so it can never ever go back to what it was again.

45 days.. well past the tried failed tried again… now I’m wobbly at this phase…

Start-stop, start-stop, wishy-washy at my next level phase

and into mastery of your new level phase.

When is NOW a good time to make your move?
It is literally never going to be any easier than right now to take the radical action to BECOME.

I cannot wait to walk through this with you.

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