My income doubled AGAIN, right now, just like that…

I bet it’s so far from what you think it is…

It’s not because I worked harder.
It’s not because I figured something out.

It’s because I became.

I grew up in a home where belittling and name-calling and violence was normal.

I have had zero toleration for violence in my life.. but it seems the sneaky – it’s ok if they belittle you when they are angry stuck around.

But I didn’t see it.
It was normal for me.

But when I set a new $ goal… I had to face what was going on in my life that was holding my back, holding me down, or draining me.

What felt sticky or yucky.
That was it.

The allowance of belittling.
Name-calling when upset…
but it went far beyond that.

I was able to see it, feel it, and heal it.
I cleaned it up, and cleaned up anything less than what feels amazing in this area.

We must choose the great, it doesn’t just happen.

We must let go of the things not serving us any longer.

I know it’s hard, but we can do hard.
We actually can.

And for me… selling is my way of calling your a** to more, which is my purpose on this planet…

Money is the evidence that I am fulfilling that purpose, because money is the current value exchange.

We are all climbing this mountain called life together and it’s our duty to encourage those a few paces behind us, and to let ourselves be called by those a few paces ahead of us.

It’s about opting in.
It’s about courage.
It’s about staying the course, even when it seems like it’s not going to work out.

It’s about consistency.
It’s about believing in those you are called to serve.

It’s about being the space where they are believed in, championed and their excuses don’t fly.

It was always about service.
But what if money was simply one form of awesome evidence that you are truly showing up and playing the biggest game you can play, giving this life the very best of you?

What if all the rest of the mischief was just an excuse to play small and nothing more?

↳You ready for more?

↳You ready to be more?

↳You ready to have more?

↳You ready to impact more?

↳You ready to infuence more?

It’s NOW it never.
No more BS.

I love you,
Mandy xx

PS: The Rapid $500k Sales BOOTCAMP

When is a good time to let mastering serving your clients, calling their a** to more, and playing a big game in life be the priority?

When are we going to be FULLY DONE with the HALFWAY results compared to what we are called to?

Either we powerfully hold space for others to thrive and transform or we are caught up in the make sure I’m safe vibes.
Mastering sales is about learning to get off of US, and ONTO service. True powerful service that is magnetic to the world.

— The kind of sales that changes people’s lives just by being privy to the selling…

— The kind of sales that makes people FEEL something.
They don’t get how you can just be right up in their head… like you are talking right to them.

— The kind of sales that comes from fire, passion, and purpose… from the call to lead.

— The kind of sales that comes from the failures and hurts in our life.

— The kind of sales that radically changes the industry and the world.

— The kind of sales that can only come from the aligned human who knows WHO they are, WHAT they do, and WHY they do it.

— The kind of sales that is something you do because it is WHO YOU ARE, not because you have to.
AND… finally seeing it through to completion until its habit.
It’s clear, powerful, and steady AF.

Welcome to #MarineCorpsMandy.

We are going all in, all the way PAST the finish line… to wire this in so it can never ever go back to what it was again.
45 days… well past the tried failed tried again… now I’m wobbly at this phase…

Start-stop, start-stop, wishy-washy at my next level phase
and into mastery of your new level phase.

When is NOW a good time to make your move?

It is literally never going to be any easier than right now to take the radical action to BECOME.

I cannot wait to walk through this with you.


We begin June 2

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