It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a message like this - Mandy Perry

… but I find these to be such great examples for us.

1. We aren’t here to serve the humans who don’t resonate with us. Not everyone will like you (sad face.. I know. Lol. It is what it is)

** Boldly be seen anyways.

2. People get triggered. And some people actually don’t have the ability to not spout off… there is so much built up anger and resentment that it just flows out of them.

** Say all the things anyways.

3. Whenever people have a lot of energy towards something it’s rooted in pain.

Therefore, when someone is rude, mean, abusive, angry, jealous, hateful, etc…. it is literally just a human looking for love in all the wrong ways.

** Love big anyways

My instant reaction is one of sadness… what’s on the inside pours out.. so much inner chaos he feels the need to lash out at strangers… I truly hope he finds his happiness. 💕

But also, when you lash out on a public forum, it’s fair game for teaching material. I hold him as able to manage his own feelings. 🧬

No one needs to be rescued.
We aren’t fragile.
We are capable of loving big enough to change the world.
We love unconditionally, WITH boundaries.

For some of you, a message like this is the very thing that holds you back from being fully seen and boldly sharing your messages.

Don’t let it.
It is so inconsequential… it’s just a temper tantrum.
Don’t let someone else’s wound stop you from BEING who you are called to be.

Eyes locked on the pain you are here to heal, the humans you are here to speak to and the message you are here to share.

I’m here to stand for the humans who know they are called to more.

The humans called to love. To heal. To call others to their power.

I’m here to plow through the negativity and the noise to reach into the fog and lock arms with you as we do this sh*t together.

I stand for unlimited wealth.
Unlimited joy.
Unlimited happiness freedom fun and impact.

I stand for forgiveness, ease, flow, and peace of mind.

I stand for equality of all humans race religion or creed.

I stand for holding others as powerful, able, and worthy.

I stand for vulnerability, truth-telling, and raw real communication.

I stand for you. Relentlessly.
I stand for me. Unceasingly.

Together we rise.
Don’t let the noise hold you back.

It’s. Just. Noise. 💕🥂💯

Sending love to the humans seeped in anger today. Lord knows that’s been me most of my life.

Itttt ainttttt noooo thannnggggg 💃 💕📣

I love you,
Mandy xx

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When we feel bad selling, they feel bad buying.

This is an inner game NO different than love.
When you chase someone, they don’t experience you as valuable.

When you are enjoying life, feel lit up, and fulfilled they are powerfully drawn to you.

But there is a way to engage with someone every single day coming from love, joy, excitement, and confidence yes?

You don’t have to ignore someone in order to BE THE PRIZE.
You don’t have to play games or pretend.
You don’t have to hold back.

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