that I hesitate… πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

I get that… if I go all in and let it be my primary focus I will get amazing results. I KNOW THIS.

But right before I do so, I feel a hot white flash through my body…

What if this time it’s going too far.
What if I am messy like always and don’t make the investment worth it?
What if it takes over my whole life?
What if I’m anxious all the time if I do this?
What if it turns into a big mess.

And I chuckle.. realizing these voices will likely never stop trying very hard to get me to just STAY the same human.

I know that it FEELS like it’s dangerous to allow myself to go full in.. it feels like the discomfort is an indication of something not being right…

and then I remind myself that THIS is what growth feels like.
It FEELS like something is wrong.. because it’s not the same.

It’s my brains JOB to send off alarms when something NEW is introduced.

And then I exhalllleeeeeee.
I close my eyes and demand that my brain back my SOUL.. not the other way around.

I’m here for an epic adventure.
I’m here to create healing in the world.
I’m here to unlock people.
I’m here to create relationships.
I’m here to call your a** to more.

Yes, it can feel terrifying to invest high-level…
to commit to something that requires me to BECOME someone new to have made it worth it…

But the standard is… MY BRAIN BACKS MY SOUL.

And my ability to push through the rear, and STAY THE COURSE even when it all feels insane, or like it’s not going to work is the pathway to put our brain in check.


Our guidance has INFINITE intelligence… scientifically and spiritually…

Say it with me:
I don’t need to hold on so tightly anymore.
Today I let my higher spirit make the decisions and I step out in faith… ALL THE WAY.

I love you,
Mandy xx
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