I get that.

I’m not moved by money and things… I never will be. I see that about myself.

But I am moved by FREEDOM.

By having my own schedule that allows me to do whatever I want.

By defying the odds.

By being able to take care of my loved ones when it feels aligned.

By being able to pay off all debt over and over with ease as I scale.

By having the power in my bank to back my dreams.

By being able to give any time I want without having to think about it.

By actually becoming the BEST version of me I could ever be.. more compassionate, more loving, more generous..

By having the freedom to alter and change my entire company the way I desire it to be.

By having the financial backing to protect the people I love if need be.

By being able to take really good care of my team.

By having all the time I desire to be present with my VIP clients & program clients.

By being able to CHOOSE whatever I feel is the right fit in my life, and not have money be the reason I cannot choose it.

– Support

– Experiences

– Living situations

– Security

By leaving generational wealth to the generations after me.

By giving massive love gifts to charities and humans that I believe in.

By the feeling, I have of knowing I am set for life financially.

This is a HELL YES for me.

I’d love to hear yours.

WHY are we willing to show up and do the hard things, and BECOME the human that allowed in massive wealth?

No, it’s not the things.

We will have all the things and largely they won’t matter lol.

What DOES matter to you?


Money does NOT change WHO you are.

I will help you see who you are, it will help you BE more of who you are, and it will certainly give you the FREEDOM to create what you are here to create in this life.

When you know WHY you want your dreams, nothing will stop you. NOT A DAM* THING.

I love you

Mandy xx

PS: Ready for massive financial breakthrough?

Ready to finally stop resisting your desires?

Ready to stop sabotaging yourself over and over?

Ready to stop letting the worry of becoming something you don’t want to become hold you back?

Ready to step into your most powerful self?

Ready for CLARITY?

READY TO HAVE SOME FREEKIN FUN with likeminded humans!!

I got you.

We’re going to do this thing together.


I wouldn’t miss this ❤

PM for details