When you hear leaders talking about having ALL you desire.. we aren’t just talking about the house, the romance, the $, the freedom… we are also talking about the clarity, the joy, the peace of mind, the power, the courage, the tenacity, the FUNNNNN

That thing that it feels like you just CAN’T have? It just never works? It’s too hard? You’ve tried too many times?


That thing you haven’t even admitted to yourself that you want?


That thing that makes life feel like MAGIC.. and fun.. and a sense of “YESSS.. this is how life is mean to be!”


That version of yourself that feels like an actual mystery as to how to show up as her/ him?


The thing that feels like you are “one of those selfish people” if you want it?


That version of life that feels like only others get to have?


Every little drop of it.

But we have to CLAIM IT.
Opt into it.

It doesn’t just magically come to us.
No one else is going to do the work for us to have it.


It’s time to begin to dream again.
Want again.

It’s time to raise the bar on our standards again.
TO claim the BIG visions again.
To reboot ourselves and recommit again.

But most importantly… it’s time to CLAIM our dreams.
They WILL pass on to others if you do not claim them. We KNOW this.

Today’s work is to have the courage to take brave action to claim your dreams.

Simple, and SO VERY NOT EASY.
It’s a good thing you do not NEED easy. <3

I love you,
Mandy xx

5 weeks, 1:1, me and a tribe of other VIP’s… going all in.

I don’t care where you are on the journey… so long as the destination you desire to be ACTUALLY moving towards your dreams.

Feeling the clarity and momentum to be MOVING forward.
Gaining ground.

Clarity on the next level version of you.
Clarity on HOW to walk this out.
Courage to do it.
Tenacity to STAY IN IT and see it through UNTIL.

And having a **** ton of fun!!

FIVE (45 minute) 1:1 session with me (YESSS you heard that right!!)

A private group of other powerful humans claiming their BIG visions.

5 weeks of trainings and coaching on my most effective power moves and hacks to shifting fast into who you desire to be.

Support to get clear:

** What your vision is (you cannot have what you do not know you want)

** How to take powerful brave risks to be able to show up NOW and implement the CREATIVE ideas you have been having and NOT acting on. (I show you how to make this easy and fun.. this is one of the reasons my clients make so much money so rapidly)

** How to bring stability to every crazy, wild, powerful thing you do. #steadyAF THIS IS EVERYTHING!! I have walked myself through 8 months of seasoning this and am now ready to show you how I have mastered this!!!

** What your KEY offers need to be, and actually HOW to market them. (I design this with you 1:1) This is my zone of genius.

** What your specific patterns are that are holding you back and how to breakthrough (guaranteed – or you get free sessions until you KNOW)

** How to 10x everything you do, and make maximum revenue while working at LEAST half as much as you do now. AT LEASTTTT. (most people are SHOCKED to find out how little I actually have to work)

LIVE Q&Q’s – every question answered.

The investment is $4k (early bird is extended because I had unexpected company and didn’t get a chance to do what I desired for you!)

I do offer payment plans.

This is all live, but you get all recording and access for life in your membership area.

I change up the times to meet all time zones around the world.

Let me know if you have any other questions <3

>>>> PM if you feel a hell yes. <<<
Early bird ends in 48 hours

We begin July 27, but 1:1’s begin anytime you like after you join