I do.
Today I want to be rescued.

I FEEL the weight of growth, the nervousness of so much change so fast..

The waves of anger and disappointment.

I want to pretend I’m not strong enough.
I want to act confused.
I want to get drunk.

I want to play the victim and give myself an excuse to curl up in bed and watch 5 seasons of Supergirl.

I want to pretend it’s someone else job, their responsibility.. it cannot be mine because I cannot handle it.

I want to be depressed, I want it to be the greatest excuse yet…


But I’ve heard this song before… oh so many times.
I’ve lived this song for way too many years.

It’s old familiar sound lulling me to numbness…

So I walked over to my stereo, cranked it up ad high as it goes, and played the song I want to feel LOUDER.

Louder than the woo of the old me.
The old feelings.
The old beliefs.
The old behaviors.

And I danced.
I cried.
I wrote over and over “this too shall pass”

I reached out to friends.
I told a more powerful truth.

I went for a run and left it on the pavement.

Then handled the next thing.
Then the next. the next. the next.

I cried, threw my temper fits, let the emotions pass, and MADE F*G DECISIONS.

A part of me needed to be rescued, but a part of me HAS BEEN COMPLETELY UNSCATHED BY IT ALL.

She’s fierce, immoveable, undeniable.
She is all-knowing.
All courage.
All will.

She doesn’t fk with thoughts, she comes straight from the heart.

She doesn’t need to be rescued because she knows everything is EXACTLY as it’s supposed to be.

She’s not afraid of feelings, she chills in her hammock sipping her green juice as they come and go.

She pays no mind to the current circumstances or conditions because she knows it’s irrelevant.

She’s crystal clear of the next step to take and knows she never needed to know any more than that.

Whatever comes next, the her at that moment will know exactly what to do.

She chuckles at time.
She chucked at the fears of tomorrow.
She releases the old.
She breathes in the new as effortlessly as the air around her.

She’s spoiled by God.
She’s tapped into an infinite source of joy.
She walks away.
She says the thing.
She keeps her word.
She has the conversation.
She steps up.
She moves through.
She focuses on how strong she’s becoming, and how fun all is.

She knows she’s unfkwithable.
She knows she’s fully taken care of no matter how it ever looks.
She feels safe. Clear. Desired. Important. Known. Good. Loved. Loveable.

And she has the courage to let the whole dam* world love her the way she longs to be loved.

Because she knows her da*n worth.

#her #awomansroar #nuffsaid

Carry on. <3

Mandy xx

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