I TRIED TO GO BACK... - Mandy Perry

When I first started my company… I left my nanny job I had been at for many years to put myself in a position where I had to make it work…

and a week later I called to let the mother of the family I nannied for that “If she still needed me, I was available..”

I was freaking out.
I was scared it wouldn’t work.
I didn’t like the new pressure on me.
I saw how unbelievably messy I was and did NOT trust myself.

She has already hired the new girl.

Little did I know at that moment when I realized that option was really no longer there… WHAT WAS COMING!!!

Little did I know what was just ahead of me on the other side.
I couldn’t have dreamed dit up in my wildest imagination.

All it took was COURAGE to make the ONE move in front of me.

Just a sh*t ton of COURAGE.
Ignoring all the rules.
Ignoring all the people say not to do it.
Ignoring all evidence of who I was based on my past.
Ignoring the fear screaming out inside of me.

I wasn’t the smartest girl.
I wasn’t the most disciplined.
There was nothing extraordinary about me.

I was a messy, undisciplined, confused, fairly desperate human trying to make sense of life and find something that made my soul BREATHE.

I was hell-bent on creating something different for my kids.
Different than anything I had known.

I wanted to FEEL something different.
I wanted to get the f* out of DODGEEEEEE

I wanted expansiveness, freedom, safety, security.
Peace of mind.

I wanted to be connected to humans who were like me… RELENTLESS.

Absolutely refusing to be a standard. A statistic.
Defying every single odd thrown at me over and over…

Refusing to be caught in the web of rules all the unhappy people around me threw.

I knew I was different.. not better, just DIFFERENT.
My life was never determined by my relationships, the labels, by a man, buy the norm…

I wasn’t afraid to take a path never traveled.
I wasn’t afraid to take HUGE risks.. what was the alternative!

I was a rebel with a cause.
Strong opinions and no filter.

I had a fire in my belly that was either going to KILL ME, or be expressed in the world.

I wasn’t moved by emotion, I wasn’t moved by logic…
I was moved by INSTINCT.

I wanted adventure & risk.
I wanted to enter the wild uncharted territory in my life.

I was breaking out of the co-dependency.
I was beginning to command my worth in the world.

I chose the adventure and watched myself have the courage to go in for the kill.

….and I also turned around to quit… but that’s what is so great about courage.

Courage will allow you to MAKE YOUR MOVE…
and after you have made your move, life is never the same.


Today’s work… have the courage to commit to the thing that you can never turn back from.

BOOM…. <3

Thank God life was never the same.

I love you,
Mandy xx



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Clarity on the next level version of you.
Clarity on HOW to walk this out.
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