When I feel complacent… it is because I have woken up to a life I do not love.

and at this moment I have the choice to sucrose to the weight of the feels.. or choose to give myself a life that lights me up… even if it feels impossible.

Worthiness: When you have the courage to believe that you will still be safe if you take the time, and use the resources to give yourself what you desire, and put yourself on the line to have it.

What if worthiness is about courage? Faith. Knowing.

I have reorganized my entire life…
Broken off relationships.
Found a new therapist.
Chosen new mentors.
Bought all new clothes.
Created a new office.
Crystalized the most expansive morning routine ever.

Placed flowers, incense, and oils all over my home.
Created a new needs, desires, and goals list.
Made new friends.

Organized my content that I DESIRE to teach and hold space for.
Organized my team.
Rearranged every single bill I have to be SAVVY, not careful, and not reckless.

Did a lot of the same for Bailey.

and this morning I wrote this on my board in my new office..

GOAL: “Do more for others than anyone else on the planet is doing.”

Why choose to be worthy?
Because if we don’t.. we cannot accomplish that.. we will simply be people fighting ourselves every day, frantically throwing money at things looking for the magic pill.


Say it with me: “I will follow the exhales, no matter what.”

I love you
Mandy xx

PS: Did you hear about the free workshop coming up??
Focus your way to GENIUS…

I cannot wait to love on you and walk together with you through the fire we are experiencing to really get into our GENIUS and change the world.

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It’s time.
I will see you in the workshop