We are all in the middle of change… you do not have to be ashamed of yours.

What separates us as the most powerful beings in the Universe is transformation.
The possibility of change.
The desire to evolve.
The passion to get up off the ground and learn to fly.

Say it with me: “I will not let the habits of my past stop me from this metamorphosis.”

Today I choose to allow myself to become a HIGHER, truer expression of myself.
– I release the control.
– I release the need to prove any dam* thing.
– I release the story that I should be somewhere other than where I am.

Today I use ALL of the courage I can muster up inside of my beautiful self and tell the truth.
This is where I am. This is what I am actually struggling with.

The fight is IN OUR MIND.
Smiling at the world while NOBODY knows that there is a storm raging within… a fight for your joy, your peace, your success.

You go to sleep with it… rise with it… speak from it, create in it..

It’s not what others say about you.
It’s not how much $ you have in the bank.
It’s not your kids, your partner, or your family.
It’s not because of where you came from.
It’s not because of the mistakes you have made…..

It’s the battle in your mind.
It’s the focus on what it, the lack of clarity on what you desire it to be.

It’s a definition of success based on popular vote vs your true deep vision of a life you LOVE.

“No greater battle than between the part of us growing and becoming and the part of us that wants to stay the same.” (Oprah)

The process is the process.
Today my call to action for you is to recognize that this isn’t about figuring it all out… it IS ABOUT COURAGE.

The courage to keep going.
The courage to expose where you are and ask for help.
The courage to TRUST that if you slow down just small enough to do it TOGETHER with others… you will go so much further than going alone.
The courage to do the real work, that will strengthen the only place that really ever held you back at all…

your mind.

I love you,
Mandy xx
PS: Doors are open!!!! woohoo!!
Early bird special is on.

Steady. Focused. Clear. Consistent.
Accomplishing the impossible, on repeat.

20 days of absolute control over WILL.

Not force, not pushing yourself to anxiety…

Willpower was never about forcing yourself… it was about being drawn by something so powerful that nothing on earth can stop you.

and using that power to build repetition and form the brain to a structure that supports your becoming.

It was about a KNOWING.

When a woman in childbirth, everything in her is screaming that this is going to kill her, yet she finds a place deep inside of her that she goes to and sheer will takes over. Not doing it does not exist.

When a man encounters danger with his family, there is a switch that flicks and he has absolute power over will. Fear does not exist.

It’s all in the mind.
It’s all in the KNOWING.

You are going to go through a journey that permanently changes the structure of your brain to BACK YOUR DESIRED BEHAVIOR, in a very exciting and easy process.

By the end of this course you will have:

– Massive clarity
– New drive and motivation
– A clear PATH that is YOURS
– Outgrown huge parts of your ego that was holding you back and causing isolation
– Clean energy and a clear mind.
– A clear vision of what success is to you as well as knowing exactly how to walk that out. (this was EVERYTHING to me… not knowing what MY happiness was, was VERY confusing)
– Momentum!!!!
– Consistency
– And a newfound joy and inner peace… steadiness…

This will enable you to create & sell based on the BEST of you, not on pressure or a race against time.

This will enable you to actually follow through and get consistent in your life, all areas.
Fun and friendships
Connection to source

Where you grow in ONE area you grow in ALL areas.
The results form this work are 100 fold.
And, I’m guessing you already knew this.
You know if you are called to do this work.

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