Maybe someday I will look back and feel this is naive, but I doubt it…

I don’t care if someone teaches what I taught them.
I don’t care if someone picks up my habits or mannerisms.
I don’t care if someone takes my quote card and uses it.
I don’t care if someone mimics my brand.
I don’t care if someone uses the same style of teaching.

My honest thought is… I’d be the world’s greatest hypocrite if I did.

I love sharing my resources.
I love sharing my mentor’s names.
I love showing people exactly how I did things, learned things, and achieved things.
I love breaking things down in the simplest form rather than trying to make it all fancy.

One time I had a client copy my entire sales page and put her name on it.. lol. She was a private client and I was a little shocked, and chuckled about it. I then helped her see that she wouldn’t have success doing that because it wasn’t even almost her energy.

Clients would be drawn in and then her true energy would be jarring for them.

Then I taught her how to draw out her genius using my structure.
I don’t recommend copying others… but also, it would be so insanely arrogant of me to pretend that ANYTHING I TEACH was mine alone.

It’s my spin, my energy, my flavor, my word order, my understanding with my examples, and life experience… but… it’s not mine.

None of it ever was.
I also completely dismiss others telling me I have to prove my information. Recite the source for anything that’s not mine.

It has all become mine, because I have lived it now.
Some quotes and lessons I remember who taught me and I LOVE to give them credit, but I am certainly not going to stress about needing to remember.

I dismiss the need to protect my “IP” unless its a literal copy-paste sort of thing…

I dismiss the rule that I have to cite everything, and also love to give credit when it’s in my awareness to do so.

I dismiss the need to “own” information that truly supports others to grow.

Yes it’s beautiful if you send humans to me because I helped you.. and yes I’d love to have more and more wild success… but I choose to have this through collaboration, abundance, openness, and freedommmmmm.

Pure, wild, crazy, seemingly reckless freedom.

I move away from protective energy and towards… LET’S JUST WALK TOGETHER AND SHARE IT ALL AND CALL EACH OTHER TO MORE.

I move away from this is mine, to “Yay! Let’s enjoy this together!”

I like this journey.
I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way, I just sort of, maybe, feel like… if anyone ever got a taste of this level of FREEDOM, they’d never give it back up LOL

Lifting our clients and letting them be the VIP
Shouting our mentors from the rooftops and spotlighting their brilliance
Teaching all the things that we have walked ourselves through however we desire.
Say it all in whatever energy we currently are existing in.
Giving testimonials abundantly.
Cheering on our peers.
Encouraging the onlookers.
Being WITH not above or below.

All of it, all the time. always… because FREEDOM tases dam* good. 

love you
mandy xx
Mandy Perry style

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Steady. Focused. Clear. Consistent.

Accomplishing the impossible, on repeat.

20 days of absolute control over WILL.
Not force, not pushing yourself to anxiety…
Willpower was never about forcing yourself… it was about being drawn by something so powerful that nothing on earth can stop you.

and using that power to build repetition and form the brain to a structure that supports your becoming.
It was about a KNOWING.

When a woman in childbirth, everything in her is screaming that this is going to kill her, yet she finds a place deep inside of her that she goes to and sheer will takes over. Not doing it does not exist.

When a man encounters danger with his family, there is a switch that flicks and he has absolute power over will. Fear does not exist.

It’s all in the mind.
It’s all in the KNOWING.

You are going to go through a journey that permanently changes the structure of your brain to BACK YOUR DESIRED BEHAVIOR, in a very exciting and easy process.

By the end of this course you will have:
– Massive clarity
– New drive and motivation
– A clear PATH that is YOURS
– Outgrown huge parts of your ego that was holding you back and causing isolation
– Clean energy and a clear mind.
– A clear vision of what success is to you as well as knowing exactly how to walk that out. (this was EVERYTHING to me… not knowing what MY happiness was, was VERY confusing)
– Momentum!!!!
– Consistency
– And a newfound joy and inner peace… steadiness…

This will enable you to create & sell based on the BEST of you, not on pressure or a race against time.

This will enable you to actually follow through and get consistent in your life, all areas.

Fun and friendships
Connection to source

Where you grow in ONE area you grow in ALL areas.

The results form this work are 100 fold.

And, I’m guessing you already knew this.

You know if you are called to do this work.

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