I WOKE UP EVERY DAY wondering if I was going to make it... - Mandy Perry

Every single day I’ve woken up to that feeling, facing all the thoughts, the feelings, the situations, and desires to quit.

Just go back to waitressing.
Just live a regular life with no pressure.
Just live somewhere quiet with no people and no responsibility.
Just focus all of your time on Bailey and Calvin and ignore everything else.

And every single day I got this really powerful chance to get clear why the hell I am doing all of this growth anyways.

Why learn how to create something sustainable?
Why embarrass myself?
Why season, strengthen, grow, learn, mature…?

Why stay in this when it keeps feeling so hard?
Why sacrifice things for this?
Why let the whole world watch as I stumble around in my humanness?

Why do this to myself?

Yes… why?
And every day… I answered this question.
Every day I got a little wiser… a little stronger in all-new ways.

Every day I became a little more loving, a little more humble, a little more confident, a little more clear.

I became a woman who does things with EXCELLENCE.

Nothing shifted overnight.. it has been 9 months of sheer will to do this work and become the woman I know I am called to be.

To let what is trying to die in me, die.
To allow what is trying to mature in me, to mature.

I’ve felt alone on the front line.. not being able to find the support I was searching to find.. and had to dig deep.
Every day,
Every hour,
Every minute,
Every moment…

I was giving the love gift of learning to rely on my own inner power..

My inner power.
My relentless, undying WILL.
The part of me that is untouchable by all of the pain in life.
The part of me that LEADS when I am unable.

The part of me that walks with her head high through the failures, the guilt, the shame, the regret.

The part of me that celebrated me when I was surrounded by people who couldn’t hold space for my bigness.

The part of me that DARED to keep believing it could all get EVEN better, and better, and better.

This is the part of us who is tugging and screaming to be set free.
The AWAKENED part of us.
The WISEST part of us.

The part of us who is desperate for a gulp of oxygen, that can only be obtained out on the leading edge of life… out on the leading edge of who we are, and who we are becoming.

The part of you whispering… “I got you. LEAP.NOW.”

mandy xx
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