SHE DIDN'T LET A LITTLE DISAPPOINTMENT STEAL AWAY ALL HER wild, unstoppable success... - Mandy Perry

(A 30-second story that will begin to unlock your genius)

It wasn’t working how it was supposed to.
It wasn’t happening as fast as it needed to.
It wasn’t as easy as she wanted it to be.

Yet the call inside would not relent.
There’s something more for you. This isn’t it.
You are something different.
You are here for more.
You are capable of FAR MORE.

and her mind added…
…. if only you would be different.

She exhaled.
….but I’m not. I’m doing my best. This is hard. I don’t know how to do better than I can do.
I take care of my mind and body.
I take care of the kids.
I keep learning and challenging myself.
I haven’t stopped learning…

But I get tired.
I just want to feel loved, safe, happy.
I just want to never worry about $ again.. have $ to retire and not have my kids worry about me, take care of my parents, see the world and help the people out there who are trying to figure out this life as well.

I want to feel alive.
I want to know I’ve really let life live through me.
I laughed until I cried, cried until I laughed.
and I loved me, really big. Bigger than anyone has ever loved anyone.
I want to matter. Make a difference. A real difference.
And I want to enjoy this process…

She feels the tears well up in her eyes as she feels this call so deeply, and yet feels the sting of this not being her reality yet.




Oh, honey, you are so beautiful… and… you ARE her.. you just haven’t quite tapped into the courage needed to let the whole world love you the way they want to love you.

The courage to be loved. The courage to be seen. The courage to express authentically. The courage to be your true self. The courage to howl your true voice.

The moment you release the need to be like anyone else… the story that this was about walking someone else’s way, the notion that this was about figuring out… and you allow yourself to FEEL WORTHY of love, wealth, freedom, joy and power… is the moment you will become her.

You would have never doubted that you were enough if you were simply being your true authentic self, and not comparing yourself to others…

It is your WILL to be YOU that will conquer all, not your will to be like “them”; this will always leave you burned out and sad.

This has always been, and always will be, a journey of you letting go of all that never belonged and allowing in all you desire, for all you desire is already DONE.

It’s done. It’s done. It’s DONE.
It’s already done.
It’s finished. Complete. Whole. DONE.

It was never about forcing it to become, it’s already DONE.
It is about you learning YOU.
What YOU want.
WHO you are.
What you desire.
What the vision is that DRIVES YOU.
The life that lights you up to the core of your soul.

The moment you walk with your fear… decide you are worthy to have.. and allow yourself to be loved to the FULLNESS you desire.. you have become. No time needs to pass.

And at the moment you feel her rising inside of you, it is then you make all of your brave, outrageous decisions.

Follow the exhales, enjoy the da** ride.
mandy xx
PS: Willpower has begun!!
Prep workday 1 is dropping today.

It was never about you being DIFFERENT.
It was never about forcing yourself to do things every day that you hate…

It was about the maturity to let go of someone else’s path and get on your own… and this takes courage. A LOT OF COURAGE.

What it doesn’t take is frantic action, throwing sh*t at a wall seeing what sticks.
It doesn’t take rigid routine that you dread.
It doesn’t take overwhelming, complex business strategies.

If it’s shutting you down, its NOT your path.
If you aren’t excited about it, it’s not your path.

If you aren’t fueled with passion.. you’ve gotten off course, likely from listening to too many people and watching too many paths unfold with social media.

If you are confused, you’ve accidentally gotten on someone else’s path.

In this course, you will get back on your path, with absolute clarity.. and you will see a side of you come alive you haven’t felt.. in either a long time… or EVER.

It took me 9 months to walk this out myself.
9 very hard month of battling all the sh*t I’ve been taught that works so well… trusting my OWN process, even when IT WASN’T WORKING.

I kept walking, one day at a time, through all of it.
And this is the program that was born from this.

I said.. idgaf… let it all burn down.
If this doesn’t feel every drop as magical as I pictured it would be when I began, burn it all down. I’m out.

And I meant it.
And I backed it.
And my company is now something new.
It’s ALL MANDY. All freedom.

Every single thing I create gets to make me money forever.
Every area of my company is organized and attended to.
Every penny is tracked and known.

And my life is ALL MANDY.
No more leaf blowing in the wind being influenced by new humans I get around.
No more either I am the rich girl or the down to earth dichotomy.
No more chaotic launches WOOHOOO!!!

No more NEEDING a mentor. I have them because I DESIRE them.. but no more needing them. I am the greatest mentor I could ever have.

The only question is, “Do I desire that?”

WILLPOWER is a course to get back on YOUR PATH. Your vision. Your dream. Your version of success.

We are all running toward an emotion or away from one… this is the journey of switching from away to towards..

This process is SIMPLE and direct.
It can be learned and mastered by anyone in a short amount of time.
It is the KET TO MAXIMIZING all talent and EFFORT.
It is HOW dreams come true… yet it is the path LEAST traveled.

This is connecting to YOU.
This connection is the path to find out greatest possible wisdom and achievement… no matter what the goal is.


Until you do this work, your life will be driven by choices made to AVOID feelings… rather than choices made to serve your genius.

By the end of this course, there will be nothing holding you back.

You will recognize quickly, feel fully, gain all the wisdom from everything that comes your way like a savvy genius.
You impact will be sharpened.
You’ll be able to handle life with ease, joy, and creative genius.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY… you’ll not only reach your goals.. you’ll exceed them, relentlessly.

This is your sign.
It’s time to stop looking outside of yourself, and build your WILL. YOUR WILL. YOURS. YOU. (If I haven’t been clear… YOUR TRUE WILL. ) lol… I love you.

I got you.
mandy xx

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