THE 7 STEPS TO BE THE PERSON who makes $500k... NOW. - Mandy Perry

1. Get crystal clear what you desire. (most people can stop right here and go do the homework lol)

2. Limitation rewire: Why can’t I have this?
Why wouldn’t this happen?
What bad thing might happen if I have this?
Why pleasure might be taken away if I get this?

3. Visualize future you (relentlessly)
What are the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and the ENERGY the you who has this lives in?

Literally… your brain doesn’t know the difference.
When you ARE in her energy, you ARE her. No time needs to pass. SO MANY people misunderstand this. It’s REAL. It’s scientific. It’s not magic.
– Do you best to make these thoughts, feelings, and ENERGY your daily way of living.
– let it strengthen ever single day.

5. When you feel big feels… emotions.. things that kick your a**.. stop. Ask yourself “What in me is trying to die so that this new me can live? What in me is trying to BREATHE?”

6. Aligned action
Once you FEEL her, ARE her.. keep breathing.. allow yourself to FEEL what your one next step is. TRUST what comes up!!! It’s often very different than what we THOUGHT it would be.

Trust your instincts and keep showing up one small step at a time.
TRUST your instinct to go for a walk instead of throwing sh*t at the wall (lol) seeing what sticks.. or better yet, frantically purchasing programs you never take

Also, what ACTION…

For example:
DECIDE on the name for your program
DECIDE on the price.
DECIDE on a start date

Do the sales page the best you can and MOVE to the next phase. (If you don’t know the phases I have just posted this in my FB group “The Daily Raw”)

…. feeling the energy of the you that is already a master at this …

Let the graphic be ENOUGH as is.
LAUNCH the day you said you would
KEEP the schedule for the launch
SEE it all the way through
What worked? What didn’t? Repeat.

Who would the future you hire?
Who would she already have for support?
What wouldn’t she waste time on?

This is so freekin simple. But it’s not easy.

Question: “But Mandy… if it worked, wouldn’t everyone have what they want?”

Me: “Well.. do you do these 7 steps every day?
Do you have the mental fortitude and training for your frontal lobe to use sustained focus to get the clarity?
Do you have the courage to believe you could have what you really want?
Do you know what you want?
Do you know what really drives you to HIGH VIBE motivation?
Do you have the ability to FEEL emotions authentically and let them pass without trying to control them?
Do you invest in THIS practice to create a guarantee of success for yourself.”

I have a gym.. its called the Genius Gym.
This is how we work out.

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I love you,
Mandy xx

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