HOW TO BE UNTOUCHABLE and still be loving... as you step into your power... - Mandy Perry

You are the one doing the work.
Calling yourself out, investing, learning, growing…

You are the one seasoning yourself
Strengthening your heart
Outgrowing yourself over & over

There are going to be people who judge you for being seen…
Being woo, being wealthy, being vulnerable, and raw…

BUT.. most of the time, when the people around you make comments to you, in a sarcastic way… they make them because they are curious, but do not have the courage to say so.

They see your joy or energy or stability and they want that for themselves.. but they tell a story that they can’t have that, and that is painful… so what comes out is judgment or sarcasm.

It’s YOUR job as a leader to know this and to wire yourself to reply with curiosity and kindness.. rather than defense.

It’s not about you.. there is nothing to defend.
There is nothing to convince. There is nothing to apologize for.

There is only a moment for you to decide who you want to be on this planet… because a woman in her power sees past the sarcasm and sees the hurting soul.. and her reply is very different.

A woman in her power, of course, lets herself be seen, lets her voice be heard, knowing others will get triggered or judge, because she knows that’s exactly what happened to her once upon a time .. and when it happened to you, YOU CHOSE to grow.

Maybe they will too.
Maybe they won’t…
That’s not our business.

What IS, is your choice to be seen.
And then HOW you RESPOND to the world’s array of responses lol.

We can predict that it’s going to be QUITE. THE. ARRAY. 😉

Love you
Mandy xx

No more letting the days pass…
Half the time we don’t even realize just how much time is passing…

How long has passed since you decided you would up-level?
How long has it been since you said you would reach that $ goal?
How long has passed to reach that weight you desire?
How long has it been since you ____________ goal.

No more uninspired, flat days.

No more ignoring the powerful parts of you that are begging you to be let loose.. gasping to BREATHEEE but being held back ever so slightly (or enormously lol)

No more watching ourselves live at 60% feeling the pressure of having to just reach that goal, again again again… never quite having enough to breathe.

It’s time to fly, enjoy, experience, have, BE…
It’s time to really walk this out and remove the blocks holding you back.


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