( & how I brought my monthly expenses down from $45k to $25k and made it through my biggest financial mistake to date.) 🥂❤️

1. Track your bills.
I use a google doc that has payment amounts, dates due, login info, etc. Know every penny going out for personal bills and for business bills.

(Oh, I know.. most coaches would assume you already do this.. NOT ME. I know you messy a** geniuses LOL. )

2. Literally, get rid of every bill that is not necessary.
You want your list to feel like a fk yes to everything on it.
THIS INCLUDES SOCIAL PLATFORMS and ongoing memberships you don’t use.

3. Go through what your team does and how much each human is getting paid and clean that sh*t up. It is not stepping backward to have them stop doing unnecessary things and to stop paying them for those things no longer being done. DON’T fall into the trap of just giving them things to do to feel like you are paying them for good reason. Clean it up and be a FK yes for every task being done and every penny going out, making sure your team feels like they are being paid fairly and love their work)

4. DO bold shit.
I hired a CFO (my brother) and he KICKED MY A**.
Return the lease (even though it was just a Nissan and the lease is a great write off for the company, this was red zone action)
Buy my son a beater so he can pay his own Ins as he moves out on his own.
Take overdriving his Hyundai

5. Delete the Amazon app.. lol

6. Choose your goal, and choose the mentor who will help you reach the goal. YOU MUST know your weaknesses. This is not the time to withdraw from help, it is the time to get CLEAR what is kicking your a** and who can help you reach your goal and dig heels in.

7. KNOW your power moves.
If sh*t hits the fan, these STILL get done.
They get done no matter what.
End of story
EX: For me it’s
Workout Journal Blog (truth-telling)
Know what I am selling & CTA
Get back to clients
Create for programs
Get back to team
Basically, if these get done I’m crushing life no matter what.

Write 100 fastest easiest ways to make $.
And then take action on the ones that ping you.
(I recommend my $ Mastery course to learn the skill of making $ SIMPLY, fast and easy) I’m an absolute genius at this.

9. Ditch the dichotomy & surrender
You can be in SAVVY wealth vibes while cleaning your finances up.
If you are in the red zone.. chances are you are learning something very valuable.
As yourself “If this particular experience were going to last forever, what quality would need to emerge in me for me to have peace of mind?”

It’s all worth it for that.
We stay in it UNTIL because that’s how we BECOME, and that is the whole point.

You will make it through this. Of course, just like everything else in your life, and honestly, it’s not that big of a deal.

In 10 years we will be sipping coconut coffee in Bali giggling about how hard this all seemed, and if we had ONLY known… lol

What makes it feel so bad is the story it’s supposed to be different, as though we should KNOW what it will look like to become. And usually, that story is born out of comparison.

Breathe easy.
Let that sh*t go.
This is what it looks like.
All is exactly as it is meant to be.
Stay the course.
Do it until.

Love you,
Mandy xx

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