Most people think that if they focus on processing their emotions and healing old wounds.. they will stop the numbing or avoiding behavior and they will start showing up BIG.

And it is incredibly healthy and powerful to process emotions.
Feel them, let them be there with no judgment, and let them pass, gleaning their valuable wisdom.

Very few people really do this and it will change your life.. tremendously. You will grow and grow and gain more and more wisdom and experience.

But like most things, we hyper-focus and go too far. This isn’t the whole picture.

If you don’t understand this second piece.. you will feel very frustrated.

➡️ BECAUSE WHAT IT WON’T DO IS make you change the behaviors like:

– Learning and learning and not getting the POWER MOVES to make $ done.

– Redoing your schedule 10 times

– Taking 4 weeks to finally get that program finished

– Talking about the fun things online instead of selling

– Comparing yourself to others and then feeling defeated

– Overeating

– Drama and arguing or OVERGIVING

– Getting lost in tv or substances

– Doing the “I don’t know” thing so you can then go keep learning more and more things.

And whatever other VERY HUMAN things we all do that are our lowest level behaviors.


➡️ We don’t not make $ because we are afraid we will be a shi**y human… we don’t make money because the part of our brain that wants to do whatever the ** it wants isn’t in check. It says… It’s more fun to watch this episode of Lucifer. So you do.

Then we say.. oh, I must be afraid to make $. WHAT? No.
You aren’t afraid to make $ lol.


➡️ We don’t avoid sales because we are scared what others will say… we don’t sell because the part of our brain that wants to do whatever the ** it wants isn’t in check. It says… I want likes and comments .. I want so many likes and comments so I’ll post this instead! So you do.

Then we say, I must be afraid others will judge me. Yes, you might be afraid of people judging you.. but that’s not why you just posted that post and avoided the sale.


➡️ We don’t take forever to make that program because we are confused .. or because it’s “so hard”.. We don’t finish the program because the part of our brain that wants to do whatever the ** it wants isn’t in check. It says I want to be the BEST.. like Tony Robbins and this isn’t good enough so ** it. I’ll come back and finish when I’m feeling more high vibe. So you do.

Then we say, I must be afraid of success.
mmmm no. You aren’t afraid of success. lol, You were born ready. This makes no sense at all. The part of your brain that feeds the low desires has no leash and told you to avoid, so you did.


➡️ We don’t overeat because of emotions… we overeat because that part of our brain that wants to do WHATEVER THE ** IT WANTS – is not in check.
If that were true, journaling out your feelings would stop the overeating. It doesn’t.

Then we think, I have so much sh**in my past that I have to work through, there’s no way I’ll ever work through it all in order to be able to lose the weight I want.
What? Did you ever notice other people who had crazy childhoods are thin? Idk where we come up with this stuff. lol


I promise you, you do not need to work through every wound in order to stop overeating.

But I believed all of these before I understood as well.

When you do the work to process your emotions – you grow, evolve. THAT part of your brain strengthens. But that has nothing to do with the little reptile demon brain that plagues us.

You just didn’t realize that you were not attending to the right part of your brain to UNLOCK yourself.


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