You don’t have a task list like a normal job human…
You wear a CRAZY amount of hats.

You are the artist
the manager
the online leader
the entrepreneur
the CEO
the writer

And you will never stop learning.
Never stop dreaming.
Never stop growing.

So how do you get consistent AF in this field?
How do you know which way to do it?
Which program to sell?
What daily things to do for YOU?

How do you handle all the pressure and enjoy this instead of stressing and rushing?

By having the courage to look right at what you suck at and allow yourself to go through whatever the process is to go through to up-level it. So basic, so simple, and SO ignored.

– Throwing sh*t at the wall with fingers crossed (lol busted)

– Doing the next new thing, and the next new thing (this was my biggest mistake year 3) #lessons

– But this program, that program without even paying attention to if this is what I CURRENTLY need. (Do I need this person’s energy? DO I need this particular learning?)

– Trying to build the brand and company before even learning to make consistent $ (ahh hem egooo)

Rather than…
This is my goal.
I will stay the MF course until I reach said goal.
I will take one power step today and see what comes up.
Did I do what I said I would do?
Did I not do the things I said I would not do?
If so, why?
What do I need help with?
What belief do I need to rewire?
Hire the coach ( or talk about it with current coach)
Find resources to shift this.
Stay with it until shifted.
Next step.

This is the pathway to self-mastery.
It is a lonely road, but f* if I know why… it is where all the magic happens… because…

never ever ever.
It wasn’t.

YOUR GOAL is the thing you want so you can feel how you want to feel.

But unfortunately, you likely won’t feel how you want to feel when you get there… because the habit of waiting to get there will STILL BE THERE unless you clean that sh*t up.

If you freak out about $ at $10k months, you will freak out about $ at $50k months. I promise. Unless you do the work to Unlock the wisest part of you that lives in the NOW and BECOMES.

The goal will happen every single time, in ways you couldn’t imagine when you focus on enjoying the process, and having the courage to mature.


not then.

I love you, you mad genius you 🙂
mandy xx

PS: Unlocked

This program is for you if you:

– Want to up-level every area of life at an incredible pace WHILE enjoying the process
– Ready to be consistent with money goals
– Willing to release the fingers-crossed way of growing
– Have the courage to look at the things holding you back
– Have the humility to be the beginner in some areas
– Desire to KNOW they are reaching their full potential
– ACTUALLY KNOW AND CRUSH YOUR DAILY POWER MOVES (from where you are, with no magical pill mentality)

You are kicking ass, but you are not reaching all of your goals consistently in a way that feels really exciting and amazing.

I am taking you through exactly what I do myself to have consistent results all across the board

– Lost 52 lbs
– $1.4 million in first 3 years
– A daily routine that allows me to accomplish the impossible in 3 hours or less a day.
– Bought my dream home
– Left a toxic relationship
– Created so many incredible like-minded friends around the world
– Off all meds
– Amazing relationship with my kids
– Every single day is laughter and excitement & all the human feels.
– Got mama a home (with my brother)
– Feel comfortable with the struggling financially and the wealthiest of the wealthy. #belonging
– Healed 21 years of binge-purge cycle
– Workouts every single day
– A team that I fkg LOVEEEEEEE
– Handle immense pressure with ease and flow
– Being in my feminine.. enjoying romance and sensuality. Learning my body and running my company in my feminine
– The ability to keep my word.
– Deep love and compassion for humans and animals…

And probably most extraordinarily… I finally feel safe.
It doesn’t feel scary and hard anymore.

This is a maturation process. You will SEE exactly where you have been falling off track.

You know how we roll…
The work is the work.
We ditch the entitlement and show the f* up.
And do it UNTIL.
Inevitable success.
Defying the odds. Then do it again, because it’s fun as he**.

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