because.. when you let your yourself be seen by the world.. only then can the humans who need you find you.. and when it comes right down to it.. what matters?

The humans who don’t get you?
The humans who think you should be more like them so they can feel comfortable?


the humans who are working their a** off looking to create a better life for themselves and their family.. and can’t do it alone..

the ones that need you… YOUR voice, your encouragement, your wisdom.. your ass-kicking.

When we are 95 looking back at our lives.. what will have mattered to us?? Holding back so “they” won’t be annoyed we aren’t more like them?

GOOD like them?
Right like them?

Look, you outgrew most of the humans around you with this FREEDOM life a long time ago… it’s time to let go of the rest of the worries of judgment.

I PROMISE you will not end up alone unless you CHOOSE to be alone.

There is a WHOLE world of humans out here that love you AS IS.. no matter what you do, believe, or say.

We just love you as you go through your journey and witness you and your genius. WITH PLEASURE!!! No rules.

Fk it. All in baby.
No filter.. no holding back… no hesitation.

Love you
Mandy xx
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