You’ll never fk with me and walk away with zero consequences again… power.

You’ll never hurt someone I love and not feel the heat of my power on you again… power.

My parents will never go without support when they are elderly… power.

My kids will never ever stand in the welfare line like I did…power.

My clients will get real results that change their lives…power.

Change the world and EMPOWER people who are truly GOOD…power.

POWER to be a woman who can say – NO. and it matters.
POWER to be a mother who says YES and .. IT MATTERS.

I did it for the power.
I have zero shame about this.. and now you can see why when people try to supress me I would only get bigger

I would only get stronger
I would only dig my heels in that much more.

I did it for you.. because I love you.
I truly love you.

I think about you every single day.. how can I be stronger, smarter, faster, healthier, wealthier, wiser… so I have the power to show you how to do the same.

How can I serve you – how can I call your ass to more.
How can I show you all the BS you are spinning that keeps you stuck?

How can I create a space for you to show up, fall, win, expand, celebrate, struggle, tell the truth, and feel safe…

A place you KNOW you belong…

Every day I strive to own more power because I am the kind of person who should have power… as are you.

YOU get to be powerful because it’s people like YOU that will use the power to take such good care of yourself that you are overflowing with support for others…

Because YOU will do the work to be in the room with people like me and you WILL STAY IN THE DAMN ROOM.

You will get the results because you do it UNTIL you get the result- over and over… and you will stick it out…

You will be the example for others of HOW to be happy. How to THRIVE.

You will watch others cop-out, fall out, and walk away.. BUT NOT DAMN You – because you KNOW you were meant to be powerful.

It’s safe to be powerful.

I have the power to help you become wealthy doing what you LOVE… that feels DAMN good.

There is NO downside to this.
It’s just good then more good and more more.

Do it for the power.
Do it for the freedom.
Do it to show everyone else that it’s possible.
Do it because you WANT TOOOOOOO and it’s perfectly safe.
Do it because living life CONSCIOUS, fully awake is the only way to live.

love you
mandy x

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