I feel myself getting wiser every single day that passes... - Mandy Perry

I live OUT LOUD without permission
I am lit the fk up.. every single day
My kids are safe and healthy
I effortlessly choose the right food to fuel my body and brain.

I take instant action in obedience to soul
I enjoy every single second of this journey, the lessons and the memories
People LOVE my work
I am infinitely taken care of
Every single need, desire, and goal is met instantaneously with infinite abundance.
I am smarter than I need to be

I am a savvy badass with $, I completely trust myself with every penny that comes to me.
My home is beautiful, cozy, and full of love.
I attract extraordinary humans into my life!
I am soo excited to be in this phase of my life right now.

I am present to every second of this wildlife.
I am a magnetic force of positive vibes and truth that people are drawn to
Clients LOVE to pay me, they love to be in my energy.

I am connected to my body, I always know what I feel and what I need.
I make powerful and wise decisions with ease
I am a loving, tuned in mother
I am tuned in to nature, source, and my own body
I am present with others

I bring the LOVEEEE everywhere I go
I leave a wake of success and joy behind me.
Everything I touch turns to gold
Every human I am around begins to thrive more and more

I bring value to every room I am in
I am loved outrageously by the whole world, men, friends, and family.
Every moment of this life is extraordinary, and I feel it!

I take amazing care of ME, so I can reflect back on other’s greatness to them.
I inspire and lead without effort, it just happens.
I am a force for GOOD, a force of LOVE.
I impact million through authenticity and truth-telling BEING ME.

Every day I feel

Every day I experience
belly laughter

I am infinitely supported
I always have all the help I need
I am truly loved
I am cherished
I am sought after

God’s wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance in every area of my life.
Money loves me & flows to meeeee.
I never have to worry about money again.
I am a savvy producer and always know exactly what I need to do.
I heal the world with my words of vulnerability and experience.

I’m now creating the most epic next chapter of my life!!
An amazing man to travel the world with and do life with
A business that transforms lives & brings in multi-millions.
Vacations with the kids to connect deeply and create memories
I feel it all happening. I feel myself strengthening and becoming.

It’s DONE. It’s done. It’s DONE. It’s DONE. EEeee!!!!!
I feel it!!!!
#together #wearethesame

Say it with me: “I Mother Fkg Decide my life!!!!!”

Love you
mandy xx


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For the human READY to grab life and business by the ballssssss again.

The courage to BE all you are called to be.
The courage to knock it the fk off.
The courage to START
walk away
say no

The courage to ask for what you want
The courage to challenging the limiting BS keeping you here.

I know it has felt like you DON’T have the discipline to stop doing the things, or to get yourself to be consistent with the things…

But that’s a nice fat BS story you have been choosing.
Just because you think it or believe it, doesn’t make it real.

It doesn’t take TIME to change this, it takes courage.
And presence.

No more pussyfooting through life…
No more holding back.
No more BS stories about how messy you are
No more of the things being “out of your control”

FK that.
YOU DECIDE what your MF life is going to be.
The end.

Lets…. fkggg…. gooo…
I love you!