I may not be set for life financially yet... - Mandy Perry

But I feel a breakthrough coming!

I feel myself getting a little stronger and wiser every day.
I am a savvy woman who never quits & learns from every mistake made.
I watch as God’s wealth circulates more and more in every area of my life!
It’s amazing how well taken care of no matter how much I think I fk up.
Every single need, desire, and goal is met INSTANTLY with INFINITE abundance.

I have all the support a girl could ever need in every area of my life, and I show the FK UP.
I keep my word. I do the work.

I am a creative genius.
I can sense the brilliant ideas and the courage to see them through bubbling up within me.

I may not have a life full of all the humans I desire yet…
But I am meeting one more epic human at a time!
I attract extraordinary humans into my life every moment.
I feel LOVE, kindness, and support from every direction, within me, and around me.

I know my worth. I was born worthy and nothing has changed.
I deserve an incredible, exciting experience of life.
All of my dreams just keep coming true!

And even though I haven’t met the man of my dreams yet… I see myself becoming a sexy, romantic, fierce feminine woman that is capable of loving him the way he deserves to be loved!

I feel my capacity for love growing.
I feel myself maturing into my Queen energy.
I see new pieces of her emerging every day.
I am so grateful for the loves that came before, that made me feel small… they exposed a part of me that got to heal to open my heart more fully.

It’s so exciting to watch myself expand this way.
I feel my worthiness strengthening.
I feel the old wounds healing.
All of the lessons I needed to learn are creating everything I ever wanted to be!!

Even though sometimes I feel scared and alone…
I feel all the parts of me that were hiding and unclaimed beginning to make some noise. Beginning to take a stand.
In these moments I get. chance to see the old numbing and anxiety behaviors and had a chance to ask for help with them.
Heal them fully.
Bulimia, masturbation/ porn, TV.. it all feels so incredibly BORING. Compared to LIFE! Magic! Flow!

I feel deep flow and connection to soul.
I feel excited AF about life!
I feel

I feel the smile growing on my face, second by second.
I worry about nothing.
There is nothing to worry about.
Whatever the fk it is, it always ends up ok. Always.

The $, the LOVE, the Joy, the Humans to do life with…
It’s done.

My only job today is to ALLOW IT.

A calm, clear mind – is DONE.
Healthy eating and movement of my body – DONE. Simply allow it today.
Money flowing from all directions – DONE.
Epic romantic love – DONE. All I have to do is allow it in today.
Extraordinary humans in my life – DONE.

It’s all already done. It is the natural state.
It literally takes no effort at all – I simply allow it in and giggle with excitement as each trusting SOUL power-move I make awakens more and more of me.

I trust and take massive action to obey soul IMMEDIATELY, without hesitation.
I leap way before I am ready.
I let go of all worries and fears.
I look for all the ways I can enjoy the magic in life even more at this moment… and I ALWAYS FIND IT!!!

I am loved.
I am taken care of.
I am supported.
I am FREE AF, always was, always will be.

Loveeeee you
mandy xx

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