DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO GO ALL IN ON YOUR DREAMS, for the rest of your life... no matter what? πŸŽ‰πŸ”₯ - Mandy Perry

Even when it’s hard

Can you walk away from every single thing that is not aligned with the YOU you see in your mind?

Would you truly give your life for this?
Follow each step your soul guides you to?
Say the things you feel promoted to say

Do you trust yourself with the power?
Do you trust yourself with $?

Do you trust your instincts?
Do you have the courage to fail?

Are you willing to fak it all up to learn the lesson?
Can you handle the pressure of having zero evidence that it will work?

No fronts.
No pretending.
No facades
No filter
No holding back

Just you.
All you, and more you, so help you, God.

Or will you keep hesitating, over-giving, and caving to fear, procrastination, and trying to be perfect?

Throwing shiz at the wall
crossing your fingers.. hoping it will all just happen…

…staying OH SO BUSY do everything BUT the very thing that will launch you to the stratospheres.

shiny pennies

Looking for shortcuts… hyper-focused in the HOW.. changing your way of doing things each time you learn something new.

Believing all the hype about how you have to do it… HAVE TO do all the things that make your soul die a slow miserable death…

And before you know it 2 years have passed… and you watched the humans around you soar as you went back and forth… waited for the perfect time… worried that you’d try and fail.

Before you know it 10 years have passed… why not?
2 WILL turn to 10, UNLESS you decide.

And a decision is an ACTION, a committed fkg action… not a feeling.

It’s a decision to be COMPLETELY unavailable for leaving this planet without having REALLY found out what could have been.

You could have changed the world.
You could have had the most ALIVE incredible experience of life…

But you didn’t, because you were afraid of what Aunt Karen would say.
You were afraid of being disappointed.
You were afraid you’d try and fail.

You were searching and never deciding.
You were bouncing from idea to idea

You needed that extra glass of wine.
You couldn’t help but finish that Netflix series… AGAIN…

You couldn’t walk away from that dick bag who told you not to reach too high…

But I can’t Mandy.
I’m not ready yet Mandy.
I’m scared.
But you don’t understand Mandy.

I’m just about to go on vacation.
I am going through a divorce.
My dog just died.
I have an illness.

It’s not the right time…

All the while knowing these are all the very reasons you feel so called to LEAP.

All the while knowing how full of utter ISH you are… feeling the disappointment of not following through fully, yet again.

Wondering how it feels to go to sleep feeling damn proud and excited about the life you are bravely leading.

Wondering how it feels to have stayed the course.
claimed the things.
Said it all
Let the world see you
Gave every damn thing you had to give…

And you feel a deep guttural scream…

You are done with this battle inside of yourself.
Back and forth
Back and forth

Living day after day with the results of having showed up 40%.

day after day
week after week
year after year

The hopelessness and defeat sets in…
so you begin to plan.
And plan
And plan…

still not putting both feet in 100%
until… the day comes where you say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…
fk all of this shit.
All of it

I don’t care if I end up living in a box, I’m NOW going to live for my dream. I’m not going to stop until I let my SOUL BREATHE.

I will
I choose
I decide

Wake the fk up sister.
Wake the fk up brother.

Your soul is calling.
The world is waiting

I love you.

I love you enough to tell you to snap the fk out of it.
It was always YOU.
mandy xx

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No more excuses
No more “confusion”

No more avoiding the squeeze.

There will never be a guarantee it will work.
it works because you fucking say so
because you decided.

Because you had the COURAGE.

There is ZERO reason I should be successful… none of it makes any sense at all.
It was ALL COURAGE & resourcefulness.
100% OF IT.

None of it was me being any different than any other human.

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It’s TIME.

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