BECAUSE you said you would. - Mandy Perry

Because we are humans who keep our word to ourselves.
Because we are mother fkg fearless.
Because life is rigged for the bold, and it’s why we rise.
Because we CAN.

Because showing up to do this is what makes our soul breathe.
Because living on the cutting edge of life is exciting.
Because you have felt the call ever since you can remember.

Because living at 60% feels like dying to you.
Because LOVE is who you are.
Because the money is there anyway, why not you?
Because YOU are the kind of person we NEED to have power.

Because FREEDOM tastes so sweet.

Because we LOVE people.
We want them to be FREE, happy, excited, safe…
Lit the fk up

and we cannot give that to anyone if we do not HAVE IT.

And WE ARE HELL BENT on giving this gift to the world.

So we hire THE BEST help.
We ask for help.
We let people support us.
We take amazing care of our mind, body, and soul.
We ALWAT give ourselves what we need.
We use our time & money for support for OURSELVES, because we get it.

and then?
We show the fk up.


Because we LOVE that big.
It’s just in our DNA.
And we are willing to get uncomfortable to learn how to be FULLY in our power .. so we can serve our humans.


We rest but we never quit.
We fail and rise stronger.
We learn and adjust.

We bravely enter the wild unknown.
And we dare to believe we are worthy to lead, even when the world seems to scream otherwise.

We lock LOVE in our sights and show the fk up.

I’m with you.
We will walk this leading-edge together.

I love you,
mandy xx

PS: BRAVE AF begins in one week!
No matter what, we keep ongoing.
When we feel disappointed.
When we feel overwhelmed.
When we feel ease and flow.
When we’re off in the bliss of meditation and want to play all day.

We square our shoulders, shake the feels off and STEP.

Sometimes it’s disheartening.
Sometimes it feels like it’s taking FOREVERRRR
Sometimes it feels like it’s never going to happen…

But deep in our soul, we always knew.
We always knew we were meant for more than what we were told.
We always knew we were the ones who would show up.
We always knew we would make it to the top.

We don’t hesitate because we are scared of a little disappointment. Because we KNOW we will be messy, and we know it might be hard. We are ok with this.

We leap. Soar. Fall on our face. brush ourselves off. Cry. Get pissed. Laugh. and GO AGAIN.

We fk up
Get it wrong.
Make a huge mess

and then we clean it up, learn all the lessons.
Huff and GO AGAIN.

and along the way, we smirk as we watch ourselves become.
We knew all along.
Fk me.. we had NO CLUE it would look like THIS to get there… LOL… but we always knew we’d get there.

We trust ourselves because we are the ones strong enough on the inside to keep going when the rest of the world falls away. ❤

We aren’t reliant on the current conditions to feel confident and powerful.
We aren’t reliant on permission.
We don’t need proof it’s going to work, we simply know.
We always have.

We are Brave AF.
Begins Oct 12
(We will have some epic bonuses dropped in the group beforehand to get you prepped and ready!)

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