#morningLOVErant - Mandy Perry

Say it with me:
I am an incredible listener.
People feel truly loved and seen in my presence.

I attract extraordinary humans into my life and community.
I lead with love and grace.
It’s pure. Clean. True.

Abundance flows to me as I align with my deep desires.
I’m ALWAYS crystal clear what my desires are, and I allow them to flow to me instantly.

People love to take care of me.
I am an incredible receiver, and a generous giver.
I love unconditionally and that is felt everywhere that I go.

I am absolute health.
Every inch of my body radiates health and vitality.
My mind clear.
My energy is clean.
I am sexy as fkkkk 😉 ❤
no really… I am sexy, just like I am… without one single thing needing to be changed.

I am as worthy as any human ever was of epic love.
I deserve the best and I deserve it now.
I CHOOSE the best for myself.

I have more support than I could ever need.
I freely ask for help and allow others to support me.
I freely give my gifts and pour out my support to those around me.

I know that when I give 100% it fuels and energizes me.
I always give 100%.
I give until it triggers me, and then I give more.

I am loved.
Truly loved.
I allow more and more expressions of love to come unto my life.
I easily connect with humans and create connection within my community.

I am whole.
I am health.
I am wealthy.
I am warm.
I am clear.
I am clean.
I am pure.
I am connected.
I am embraced.
I am received.
I am understood.
I am seen.
I am acknowledged.
I am wise.
I am steady.
I am stability.
I am powerful beyond comprehension.

I am a force for good.
I trust myself.
I am grateful.
I feel awe and wonder constantly.

I love you.

It was always YOU.
mandy xx

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