Growing so fast, learning so much… challenging yourself over and over…

Wanting to be the very best of you.
To give 100% to each thing you do.

Wanting to LOVE bigger, LOVE deeper, and more purely.

Putting yourself in situations that cause growth but feeling very uncomfortable with the way that you show up, react, feel…

Having a reflection of yourself that is disappointing or disheartening.

Being awkward or confused around a human that turns you on whilst feeling deep admiration at the same time or the 100 other emotions that come up.

Being a little harsher than you desired to be in response to someone.

Being out of integrity with yourself because you didn’t know how to say NO in the moment.

Holding back because you feel confused about what your role is or worry that you will hurt or offend someone.

But do you know who DOES NOT feel the disappointment of self-reflection? Those who do not grow.

Do you know who never feels like they have no idea what they are doing?
Those who do nothing new.
Those who have no deeper LOVE driving them into the wild unknown.

Do you know who doesn’t feel awkward?
Those who never put themselves around humans who are further along the path of simply live completely differently.

So what if today, we just decide that the new standard is.. you will fk it up, and it will never matter.

It will feel uncomfortable.
You will have an inner battle between the part of you that wants to stay the same and the part of you that wants to grow..

You will feel awkward, stupid, clumsy.. lol.. and that’s about as big of a deal as that is.

You never needed to know ahead of time how to do it right… how to do it gracefully…

You only ever needed courage to show up for the things that make your heart race.

The words to be spoken.
The action to be taken.
The no.
The hell yes.

The courage to STAY THE COURSE.
You got this. Always have. 🥂
#together if you feel me

I love you.

It was always YOU.
mandy xx
PS: Brave AF begins this week!!!

It’s time to step into all of you.
It’s time to drop the little squeaky bs about not being good enough.
The boogie man stories about not being ready.

It’s time to 10x that power, yet again.

Truth bomb ❤

I focus on the problem (Ph.D.)
I change nothing and expect different results
I keep waiting and waiting for the right time
My planning and focus are chaos
I refuse to accept necessary risks
I refuse to take responsibility
I avoid the truth
I close my mind to new ideas and perspectives
I keep believing the problem is important (survival loops)
I am holding onto something that is not real
I want and expect things to be easy

It takes courage to change EACH and every single one of these.

You can learn all the processes you want. All the support you desire.. but none of it means a thing without courage.

Intuitive, soul led flow and fun.. clarity and support, and a shi* ton of courage …

I cannot wait to get started!
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