THIS IS A BIG DEAL to understand … knowing what’s going on is half the battle.

Resistance is a sneaky little bastard that likes to steal, kill, and destroy.

and guess what sister… it’s strongest RIGHT before huge breakthrough.

I’m constantly reminding myself… โ€œThis is what it’s always like right before a breakthrough.” because I like to sit there and judge myself when crap hits the fan.

I’m so lazy, why can’t I be more disciplined?
Why don’t I be more consistent, it shouldn’t take this long
I should be helping more people
I should be eating better
I should make dinner myself
The kids need more of my time
I need to call my dad more
I should have been on Bailey more for keeping her room clean, I see she has some of my bad habits.
I should know how to fix Calvin and his dad’s relationship.
If I could just work out harder daily – I’d have more energy to help more of the people I love.
What kind of sister doesn’t help a sibling in trouble – just fix it Mandy – find a way to fix it.
You don’t really care about your clients – you just want $
You’re never going to escape the welfare girl in you – shes burned in there – stop pretending you’re some success story. It’s BS.

ok… there are about 2756 more… but you get the idea.

Now.. Here is the difference between GROWING PAINS and JUST PLAIN OL MESSY BS

If I am focused on these things – AVOIDING COMMITTING TO THINGS THAT TAKE ME TO THE NEXT LEVEL IN MY PURPOSE – giving them attention and doing nothing to shift them.. and then I am engaging in numbing behaviors – THAT’S MESSY.

If they are coming up because I am taking brave leaps towards my purpose and healing the world.. thriving and taking care of the people I love – and I stumble and fall – all the while watching eyes wide open – looking for what it is I am surrendering to – THIS IS GROWING.

I look at each one – write it down – ask myself if it’s true, and do whatever it takes to actually shift it to be in alignment or re-write it.

Now – if you think I could just work through all of this while showing up and launching myself off cliffs every single day as I live this epic journey of success and legacy – YOU ARE CRAZYYYYY lady.

Na ahh.

This doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

1. Get a mentor & tribe
2. Challenge yourself to be around people ahead of you. You will get comfortable with it – I promise โค

Tell yourself the truth…

Is the messy going on because you are growing so damn fast you have to keep readjusting? (CONGRATULATIONS ๏ฟผ YOU AMAZING HUMAN YOU) KEEP GOING!!! It’s worth it and it always gets hella messy right before huge breakthrough!


Is it a bunch of drama and messy all for nothing?
Are you just squandering – picking fights over stupid things, numbing to avoid beginning? Pretending you don’t know HOW so you don’t have to begin?

This is the deepest work you can do.
Once you build the foundation for success in the mind – EVERYTHING else falls into place.

It’s still messy as all get out – BUT… BUTTTT…. messy because you are growing comes with all the PRIZES life has to offer on the other side…

Avoiding any risk and numbing to avoid beginning just comes with more avoiding, numbing, and mess.

You deserve it all sister, all of it. All of the epicness.
Choose wisely โค

love you

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