Yesterday I had a chance to get my pulse read and have a second marmaa shakti healing adjustment... - Mandy Perry

In order for them to successfully heal, do you know what they ask?

The very first, most important thing asked?

What do you want?
Not what do you not want anymore.
Not what is wrong.

What. Do. You. Want?

Let me really lock this in…
For the marmaa bodywork…


I sat for 10 min feeling into myself about what I really want as I waited my turn. In this process, they wire this in and open it up spiritually. Then set the body.

It’s incredibly powerful as I had already experienced the previous vision of being able to workout without reinjuring my back, coming to life.

So… I KNEW I would get what I asked for.
It felt intense and I was tempted to believe I didn’t know what I wanted.

But I had no choice to decide.
So I let go of the shoulds and the stories of indecision…

And I just chose.
When he asked I found the words as I trusted my heart…

Me: “I want a clear big vision of how I’m meant to love the world.”

-Clint Rogers-: “And what will that look like?”

Me: “idk! I’ll know when I have the clear vision!” 😂

Clint: “ok, and how will you feel when you have the clear vision?”

Me: “Passionately lit up and driven to accomplish it.”

Done. Decided. Sent to Source. Backed by intention. Set in my mind and body.

Hold space for this as it comes to life!!!! 😆😆😆

It’s pretty cool to have this opportunity, but we don’t need a magical experience to decide what we want.

When push came to shove, I knew exactly what I wanted. I sometimes play the idk game.

It simply takes courage and intention.
So…. what do you want? 😀

If you stopped playing the idk game…
If you just said the damn thing as is…
If you dared to believe you could have all needs desires and goals met instantly with infinite abundance…

What would you say you want? I’d love to hear 🥰

I love you,
Mandy xx

Ps: Diamond

My love is fierce. 🔥

🔥 I will hold your vision relentlessly until you see the greatness in yourself that I see.

🔥 I will accept no limitation, no excuses, and no quitting.

🔥 I will love you in your deepest darkness and your brightest bigness.

🔥 I will walk side by side with you right into your wildest dreams coming true.

And we will have the Time of Our Life 😆😆🎉🎉🙌🙌🙌🙌

You know when you are called.
This is the no failure zone because we simply DO IT UNTIL.

Daily access to calibrate rapidly.
access to everything I do including live events
Private group with like-minded souls and biweekly zooms to see each other face to face.

We truly do life together.

Our work isn’t to “be ready”…. it’s to have the courage to answer the call when soul says HELL YESSSS 🔥✨🎉🙌

PM for details 💎

Sending love from Dominican!