It’s not easy to let go of what is, and hold the knowing that something greater is coming. - Mandy Perry

It takes courage. A lot of courage.
You know, you’ve done it.

And you are being called to do it again.
There is no good enough.
No too good to be true.
No other shoe that will drop.

There is no limit to the joy and connection you get to have.

You are pretty enough.
Good enough.
Smart enough.

The only thing that ever needed to happen was to stop looking for what’s wrong with you.

It’s not there.
It doesn’t exist.

You could spend your whole life searching for what’s wrong and miss out on your entire life.

What an epic travesty.
Especially you.

Because…. it… was… always… you.

I love you.
It’s time.
No more showing up at 60%
No more struggle, procrastination, perfectionism…
No more holding back
No more conforming

What if this is the moment everything changes?
What if this is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for?
What if you are just about to be the happiest human you’ve ever met?
What if this was always exactly as it was meant to be?
What if all the things that feel so hard and scary were self endured and could be released in a moment?

What if you are the very human who will change millions of lives and that begins today…

What if your decision to back yourself and put both feet in is the very thing that launches you to the stratosphere!! ✨🔥🙌☺️🥂

What if it is you.
What if it is now?
What if this decision is the greatest decision you ever made!!!

I love you.
Mandy xx

❤️Ps: I’m here the very moment you have the clarity and courage to LEAP!!

I’m here with an open ready heart and mind, to walk this with you.

I got you.

Also, first LIVE event since Covid!!! Woohooo!!
Nov 14-16 Sarasota FL.

Pm for 1:1 or the live event ✨