I am so happy I could cry. - Mandy Perry

All I wanted was to do life with other humans.. in a really loving way.

Deep, real connection with like-minded humans who fully love and accept each other.

And I wanted was to learn HOW to LOVE better. To be love. Make everyone around me feel more loved and special.

I was crazy successful but feeling very alone.
Lonely and craving hugs, snuggles, and deep love.

I felt sad because I didn’t know how to help my kids to create a life full of people.

So… I risked it ALL.
I refused to live that way anymore and let it ALL burn down.

Did not care how it was going to happen, just was 100% committed to letting life rearrange itself.

And here it is…. that life. 😭😆🙏🏼
Doing life with incredible humans… the love I feel is beyond what I could even imagine.

This feels even MORE AMAZING than I dreamed it would feel, and the craziest part is I can tell it’s going to get even better and better!!!


Whatever it is you desperately DESIRE, you get to have.
Fk it.
Let it go. Let it goooooo 🎶

Just maybe… it will happen… if you can just… let go… and let life reorganize itself.

What’s the one thing you feel called to do that you’ve been ignoring? Pretending you don’t know 😂…. avoiding…?

What if that one action was the beginning of the next level of AMAZING in your life??


Eeeeee 😆😆😆😆

I love you.

Your sister,
mandy xx

Ps: what’s available:
1. We have a live event this weekend at my home in Sarasota!

2. 3 spots open for 1:1 coaching

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