We all want to be happy. - Mandy Perry

The other day someone said to me “I don’t believe in being happy. You can’t just always be happy.”

And I was hit at that moment how much we fight for our limitations.

How many rules we make up about what’s allowed and what not. What’s right and what’s wrong. What IS.

And all of it stops us from just doing what makes us happy.

Because, no one is fundamentally confused what makes them happIER. 😂🤣😂

…That makes me less happy, that makes me happier.

But then we fight really hard to be right about what’s wrong. 🙈 #human

No, this really is hard.
No, this really is impossible.
No, it really is too late.
No, I really ammmm confused.
No, I really don’t have the money for that.
No, I really don’t have the time.

On and on we go 😂
But we could decide not to do that any longer.

Imagine if we took alllll that energy and out it into being right about what’s so amazing about life and how fkg happy we already areeeeee 🌈✨

This AH-HA changed my life:

It’s possible to be sad and happy at the same time.
It’s possible to be angry and happy at the same time.

Example: anger comes up in me, I then also feel a wave of gratitude for the trigger so I can have a chance to heal deeper. I feel loved and important and like I get to take the time to allow this anger to flow through me.

We all want to have the extraordinary life.
The very first thing we get to do is stop fighting to be right about what’s wrong.

And have the courage to hope that maybe, just maybe, life can be 100x more- EVEN BETTER THAN THIS!!!

Two small things…
1. I thought you might like this photo of a pot, with a light sprinkling of my laughter all up in it.

2. EXTRAORDINARY begins Nov 23
– get happIER
– make money
– heal the world.

So, fkg, simple.
It’s time to let it be so.