#morningLOVErant - Mandy Perry

I just LOVE my life.
It’s SO amazing how everything just works out.
I’m always taken care of even when it seems like things aren’t working.

EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS working out for me.

I easily give 100% to each task in front of me.
I love big.
I am clear

I effortlessly get things done exactly how I wanted to.
It feels so amazing to live in a space of a clear conscience, knowing I always keep my word to myself.

Love gifts pour into my life daily and I receive the LOVE with an open heart.

I feel creativity and fire bubbling up in me in overflow.
I sense my big Vision coming through more and more every day.

I feel so alive.
I have more and more energy the more I show up.
My body is vibrant, light, and energized.

I am excited for today!!
I can’t wait to see what magic happens.
I excitedly anticipate LOVE gifs to pour through to me today.

Money flows to me in AVALANCHES of abundance.
Joy runs through my veins, lighting up my mind and body to back my dreams, instincts, and creative ideas.

I ALWAYS back my instincts.
I ALWAYS go after my dreams.

I play BIG.
I play to WIN.
I do it UNTIL.

I am a powerful force for good.
I leave a wake of joy and success behind me everywhere I go with all humans I work with.

I am a magnet for extraordinary humans into my life.
Everything I touch turns to gold.

I feel myself strengthening, learning, growing, and becoming everything I ever dreamed I would be!!!!

My love is powerful and others feel it.
The space I hold is transformational and lives change without effort.

Clients consistently just show up to invest with me.
My diamond Mastermind is the most powerful Mastermind in the world for humans looking to thrive and create wealth THROUGH JOY & LOVE.

My prompts are strong and clear and I hear them easily.
I hear them and back them instantly.

I’m focused.
I easily move from task to task with joy, having the time of my life.

❤ ❤ ❤
I LOVE youuuuuu
mandy xx

PS: I know it feels like you just aren’t as disciplined as you want to be.. or maybe it feels like you’re simply not good enough to have the success and JOY you desire.


but this is a huge BS story.

You will NOT do what you truly do not desire to do…
But you WILL show up as an extraordinary human once you are in alignment with your actual desires and dreams.

And alignment is SO SIMPLE… if I can do this, anyone can do this. ANd you will not be the ONE person it doesn’t work for. (lol)

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