#morningLOVErant - Mandy Perry

I am optimistic about every circumstance that comes my way.

It is so easy to get things done!
Humans just come from everywhere to help me.
I am so loved, cherished, and taken care of.

I evolve through every circumstance, easy and hard.
My life is easy. Simple. Profound.

I feel awe and wonder.
I feel excitement over the smallest of things.
I feel laughter bubbling up in my belly all the time.

I am courageous.
I have the courage to love and be loved.
I have the courage to really go for my dreams.

I always know what I want. Even if it’s only in this moment right now, I always KNOW.

I live my life in FLOW.
I run my company in my wild, natural feminine state.
I easily get all things done.
I flow from task to task enjoying myself and my life.

I always have more than enough energy and focus to do all things.
I feel vibrant and alive.

Truly awake.
I use each one of my senses to enjoy life and be present now.
Each smell.
Each beautiful moment.
Each feeling and emotion.
Each sound.

I feel blessed, lucky, special, important… because I am here now.
One of the rare humans to exist, during this rare time in human existence.

I feel so much excitement about life!!
I know my values and I back them
I know my purpose and I live it to the fullest.
I always back my creative genius.

I am a master at creating a fun eventful life with deep connection to others.

I choose extraordinary humans to do life with.
I easily walk away from all nonaligned relationships, without need to explain.

I make money like clouds make rain.
God’s wealth flows through me in EVERY area of my life without effort.
I am the vibration of wealth.
Money is an extension of my being.
I was born to be rich.
I am built to use money for good.
I am the kind of woman who enjoys all the beautiful fine experiences of life whilst also needing nothing.

I feel love from all of life.
I feel connected.
I feel LOVE pouring out of me to every human I meet.
I easily hold a powerful space of love for them.

I have more intimacy with more humans than I could have ever dreamed of.

I get hugs and snuggles every day of my life.

I meet new friends locally every day.
I meet more and more humans every day!!
It’s so exciting.
Life is so exciting.
I am so exciting. hahahahah ❤

I love you
mandy xx

PS: Extraordinary prep work has dropped.
We kick off tomorrow 😆🙌

That area of life that you keep feeling stuck at?

It’s time to change this.
If one can, we can.

There is no area of life that cannot be EXACTLY as you desire it to be.

The magic is in learning to let go of how you THINK it has to be in order to have the experience you desire to have.

WE WANT THE EXPERIENCE of life we picture in our head… without being attached to HOW we get there.

There is a path to get there.
It’s 100% foolproof lol, even I did it.
It’s available for every human.. some will choose it some won’t.
It’s simple, just requires some new thinking and some new habits.

I. Got. You.

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