What if how much 💰 you make could be evidence of how much you are >>> ✨LIVING✨

What if you could be the YES girl (guy)
What if you could let go of every single fear that is holding you back in this one precious life.. so that you could REALLY LIVE.

Really truly live a wild adventurous life full of extraordinary humans and memories, lessons, and wisdom.

What if none of the rest of it ever mattered.. and $ is nothing more than the evidence of YOU SHOWING UP for your big life,.

Your one big life.

This life.
This is not a dress rehearsal.. this is the real DEAL.
It’s happening.

How many humans are watching life vicariously on Netflix, IG, and FB?

What is it going to take for you to choose this life for yourself?
The fun
The joy
Wonder 😆✨🌈

The snuggles
The hugs
The sex

The adventure
The message you are here to bring to the world.
The humans you are here to engage with, to know, listen to, teach, and walk through life with.

The moments you could be participating in.
Witnessing, smelling, feeling, hearing…


Awake enough to stop pretending this is hard for YOU.
Awake enough to stop frantically looking for HOW.
Awake enough to CHOOSE the HELL YES, and let go of the good enough.

What you do now is your entire life.
Now, and now, and now, and now.

No time has to pass… you simply choose what you REALLY WANT now. TO BE who you feel called to be NOW.

One decision at a time.
I’m in this with you ❤

I love you
mandy xx

A 30-day course for the human who is called to more.

Who is done pushing off and procrastinating on the very things that make their soul come alive?
The very thing that moves the dial in life.

Who is ready to create the income that allows them to really serve the humans and live an outrageously EPIC life.

Who feels drawn to living in a highly conscious- intentional- AWAKE state of being.

Who is ready to feel PASSION, purpose, awe, wonder, excitement, JOYYYYYY

The only reason you haven’t been following through yet, is because you are trying to make yourself do things you don’t want to do because you think you have to.

In this course, you will learn how to tap into the most powerful human personality driver there is… YOUR VALUES.
Your true purpose and passions.

I have worked with thousands of people who ALL shift gears and make it happen when they learn this.
100% of them.

There is nothing wrong with you.
Actually, everything is RIGHT.
You simply have been trying to force yourself to do what your soul doesn’t want to do. lol

Just you wait and see what happens when you align this!

I can’t wait to see you in there!

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