#morningLOVErant - Mandy Perry

I effortlessly break out of old cycles.
I choose the NEW in my life even if it feels scary.

I know my worth.
I know I am as deserving as any human ever was of love and abundance.

I choose kindness.
I choose support.
I choose health.

And I choose the humans and actions that back this, every day, all day long, without hesitation.

I LOVE facing big new challenges.
I embody the new version of myself with excitement.

I accept my desires.
I accept my emotions, without judgment.
I face my truth courageously.
I am at where I am at, on my way to where I am going.

I make no judgments about where I am at.
I wholly love and forgive myself for all perceived failures.

I hear, see, feel, and KNOW the difference between old repeated cycles and NEW starts.
I excitedly choose the new as I feel all the joy and anticipation of the new rewards and LOVE gifts.

Life feels so exciting!
All the newness and crazy challenges bring me so much joy and liberation.

New feels exciting.
New feels safe.
New tastes like freeedommmmmm.

I am free to choose all the things and people in my life that bring me JOY and fun.
I choose them.
I let go of the old.
I let go of the past.
I let go of control.

I follow the exhales.
And I know I am wildly supported as I do.

I allow God’s wealth to flow through me to every area of my life.
I am content in my life where I am at.. as the excitement grows and grows about what this day will bring!!

I am so excited for new friends, new opportunities, and new wisdom.

I am so excited about LIFE!!
I feel deep gratitude, excitement, joy, LOVE, freedom, and steadiness running through my veins.

I am safe.
I make wise and savvy choices.

The whole world loves me and I have the courage to BE LOVED.

My love for others runs deep and steadfast. I see them, I love them as they were God himself, and I serve them as I would like to be served.

I LOVE you,
mandy xx
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We are meant to live and EXCITING full life.
Full of humans, love, lessons, and adventure.

We are meant to FEEL good.
We are meant to live in full abundance.

This is not something you earn, it’s something you ALLOW.

By the end of this program, you will no longer be choosing the behaviors of the past.
You will see the new you and you will effortlessly ALLOW that to be.

No chasing.
No figuring.
No forcing.
No freaking out.
No confusion.
No overwhelm.

Just allowing, over and over and over.

THIS is how we create extraordinary lives.

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