✨ U P L E V E L I N G ✨ - Mandy Perry

Say it with me:
“I fall down all the time, but I never quit.
Sometimes I choose to let it be easy and sometimes I complicate the crap out of it all. 😂
I know there is a solution for everything.
I know tension is part of growth and healing.
I choose to let it allll go and enjoy this journey.” 🌈

1. If you’re being called to a big life – a big purpose, there will be challenges.

The greatest people on earth often say their breakthroughs all came one step after what felt like defeat. 🔥

2. Others will get uncomfortable with your growth, they will begin to notice.
“You spent how much on a program? This isn’t realistic. You need a backup plan. You’re being reckless.”

This is their sh** – they aren’t ready for this level of growth, you are. And your growth is reflecting that back to them, which makes them squirm.

This is all ok. There’s nothing to fix. We hold others as able to manage their own emotions. ✌🏼

3. Choose your friends wisely.
If you’re surrounded by 5 broke people – you’ll be the 6th

I promise you this… when you outgrow the box, you will not be alone – there are MANY of us outside of the box and we all find each other.

Find people that challenge you to show up and grow. Be ok with being the small fish in the sea.

4. This journey is UNCOMFORTABLE but wildly exciting.
You’ll freak out often.
You may feel Manic. 🙃
AND Your life will keep improving.

It’s just the lowest part of you trying to keep you SAME.

5. Get energetically behind what you’re doing 100%
When you desire a thing so deeply that you are willing to stake your entire future on it – you will succeed. Period.

6. You must take risks – YOU MUST GO FOR IT.
Your ego/ nervous system will focus on not knowing how it will all work – it will focus on what if?

Your higher self will speak to you quietly and steadily – say yes.
Say no. Start.
Leave this. Let go of that.

The reward of obedience to your instincts will be x100 the investment.

This is the journey of CO-CREATING with Source vs you trying to be the CEO of the Universe.

How are you going to learn and grow if everything is always perfect?

If you are used to controlling HOW everything happens… but HOW you are doing it works like crap… ❤

Your brain only knows to create what it knows to create… right? It can’t magically know more…

BUT SOUL KNOWS… and it tries to guide you… but you freak out and second guess it and contract.


You were never listening and just choosing do do do and chaos instead.. and then wonder why it isn’t working.

When the going gets tough.. instead of choosing to believe you are off track and you’re not supposed to be doing this…

We choose to pause and tune in to see what’s going on.

Where do we need to say yes, commit and burn the boats?

Where do we need to release things?

What do we need to say no to?

What did we change our minds about?

What in us is trying to mature?

The bottom line is… your thoughts become things…. and when you are on fire about WHY you are doing this, you’re choosing things that excite you.

And you will be wildly successful with courage, persistence, and consistency.

🔥 It’s YOURS when you say it’s yours. 🔥

I love you,
Mandy xx
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