What if our souls waited thousands of years to be able to experience this? - Mandy Perry

What if we waited thousands of years to come exist on earth, as a human, anxiously anticipating this RAW feelings experience of love and triumph, pain and loss… and all the in-between.


Would you feel differently right now?

if THIS moment was the opportunity…. to finally be able to experience all the joy and wonder and happiness…

All the feels.

What would you choose to think?
What would you choose to feel?
What would you choose to experience?
With whom?
What would you do?
When would you do it?

Taste exquisite foods
Look under the ocean waters

Listen to people, hear the stories, share experiences…

How would we take care of this body to prolonged our experience here?

Would we allow ourselves to make tons of $ to experience all the things?

Would we allow ourselves to enjoy the experience of making the $?

Or would we hold ourselves back and not experience the things for people who refuse to do their own work?

How would we feel about failure? Huge wins?
Feeling beautiful?
People, who believe differently than us?

If we appreciated every moment of life this way…
Life would be a whole… a lot… more… wonderous and magical.


What do we really know anyway?
Maybe. It’s. True.


I love youuuuu 🥰🌈
Mandy xx


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