Building a business online is SIMPLE. - Mandy Perry

Making money online is SIMPLE.

What’s hard is believing that.
Truly believing that.

What all of my clients struggled with when they came to me was having the courage to believe that and stay with it.

– Feeling overwhelmed with technology
– Not knowing what of your vast knowledge you should sell.
– Not being able to pick a brand for yourself.
– Keep getting more and more certifications, or learning more and more epic crap.
– Trying to lose weight or get a new wardrobe for a professional photoshoot before creating that sales page.
– Trying to make it all look as fancy as ms fancy pants has been doing it for 10 years- before you be fully seen.
– Waiting to make that $ before investing.

It’s all just ego.
#human 🙈❤️😆

It’s not hard.
I’ll show you step by step in the ACA program that begins in a couple weeks.

You’ll see.

What some don’t realize they TRULY need is the mentor to call them out on all the wack THINKING that’s going on.

There are SO many BS stories just swirling around making this all feel hard.

THAT’S what needs to be challenged.. not questioning if you can make it in this field.

If it feels bad, it’s BS.
If it feels overwhelming, it’s BS.
If it feels like you know it’s possible… but is it possible for YOU???

Then what’s required of you is COURAGE.
Not analyzing. lol

I love you
mandy xx

PS: ACA Dec 2020 is OPEN!!!

Every single thing you need to have absolute clarity on HOW to build your business.

And that’s the easy part.
The FUN part is how I will coach you and help you break through all the BS.

The way I do it is WHY my clients explode after taking this course.
WHY it went global in 1 year.

I will be coaching you LIVE on zoom with the group, and you will get to watch me coach others.

1. You will learn powerful, high-level coaching that will cause you to retain your clients. (I have clients STILL from when I first began. You will hear from some of them.

2. You will have RAPID breakthrough because you will be able to see YOUR BS in others so much more clearly than when you are just being coached solo or watching courses.

This dynamic is seasoned and powerful… and clients EXPLODE into success during this program.

This is why.

Wake up every day knowing exactly what you need to do. NO MORE GUESSING and throwing sh** at the wall.

Support to follow through.

A powerful group and leader to guide you through the MIND mine-field.

If you have been waiting for the whole package to finally have the business and life you want.

and running a $500k business will take you about 4 hours a day. (Honestly, IF EVEN.. it feels like the truth is more like 3 hours.)

The rest is scaling.
It’s organic.
No ads.
No JV partners.
Just you and your message and some fun creative things.

Just you wait!!!

I’m so excited for you!!!

I will see you in the group.
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