>> How you show up TODAY for your life matters. A LOT.

We don’t have the kind of time we think we have left.

Most humans feel like they are going to live forever and never REALLY tune in to how fast life is flying by.

BUT THIS IS REALLY AN AMAZING THING TO BE AWARE OF… it doesn’t have to feel bad.

Everyone I have ever met wants to feel ALIVE.
They want to enjoy life.
They want life to mean something.
They want to feel present in the moments, and they want more magic moments in their life.

And basically, everything we do in life is to try to feel this way.

BUT BEING REALLY AWARE of your mortality, your impermanence… is what creates ALIVENESS.

This is why when someone dies, we see the humans who love them change. Sometimes their whole entire life changes dramatically to align with the experience they desire to have.

How you show up TODAY for your life matters.

The decisions you make today to impact lives, matters.

Life is and will always be rigged for the bold.

The day WILL come where you are simply looking back at the life you chose to live.
The choices you made.

The moment you were courageous or held back.
The moments you faced your fear and showed the ** up, or let the fear be bigger than your dream.

The moments you waited for proof it was all going to work or decided it was going to work and leapt way before you had any proof at all.

Now is all that matters. TRULY.
Tomorrow will not be EASIER.. it will be harder.
What you resist today will be easier to resist tomorrow…

IF you resist finally going all in, you will resist MORE tomorrow.

You literally create the habit of resisting in your mind.

Each and every time you have the opportunity to show up and do the thing, and you don’t.. you are just a little bit LESS likely to do it tomorrow.


What one thing can you do right now, that will change your life forever?

What does it look like for you to actually go ALL IN?
To live on the edge.
To follow your fear, lean in and blow it all out of the water?
To be the “YES” human.

The human who creates a life so exciting you sit on the edge of the seat of your own life in excited anticipation of what’s next…

Wake up with wild wonder and anticipation.

SAVVY AF from all the failures and wisdom.
Successful from all the follow-through.
Proud of who you have become.

What is so great in your life that you are willing to give up AN EPIC LIFE well lived, living to your truest potential.. seeing what you are really made out of…


Full of peace and joy.
At ease.

In a space of knowing YOU are TRULY LIVING.

It’s time.
It. Is. Time.

What does that look like for you?

I believe in you.
mandy xx

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