51 things that will make you happy & wealthy… - Mandy Perry

1. Put the MOON on your phone (silence all notifications)
2. Schedule time to check your phone (personal and biz separate)
3. Learn how much sleep you need. Then get that much lol
4. Spend a LOT of time with future you. 🙂 like.. a lot of time…
5. FEEL. Everything. All the time. All the way through. No judgment.
6. Check in daily on what feels jarring, what is being ignored, and what we are feeling a longing for. Then give yourself time for that.
7. Answer the question: “How can I give more value?” every day.
8. Spend time contemplating scary questions like… “DO I believe in infinite abundance?”
9. Know the one thing you are doing, and do only that one thing. Set a timer if you must. No multitasking.
10. Protect your time. KEEP YOUR SCHEDULE. 😉
11. Hire a cleaner, and tell them exactly how you love things, even if it’s only once a month to start.
12. Spend time creating. Brilliant, genius, wild, fun, liberated creating.
13. Get 10 minutes of fresh air, nature, or sunshine every single day MINIMUM
14. Look up at people and ask how they are doing… and mean it when you ask.
15. Be incredibly generous. Be around generous people and let them rub off on you.
16. Sweat. It doesn’t matter how… just sweat once a day. (sex counts lol)
17. Stop all dieting and changing of foods and JUST EAT what makes you FEEL good.
18. Be really picky about who you “follow” online. Their focus becomes your focus.
19. Be even pickier about who you spend the majority of your time with. Choose high-vibe, happy, powerful humans.
20. Get clear about what you need help with and invest in support.
21. Feel your soul a 5-course meal every day. #soulanorexia is a severe & unnecessary disease. Start with motivational videos on YouTube.
22. Drink your water. .5-1 oz of water per lb
23. Have a morning ritual. Read it every night and spend 30 seconds visualizing it for the morning.
24. Anytime anxiety hits. Stop. Do not push through. Ask yourself what the goal is, and what is a faster, more fun, easier way to meet that goal.
25. When people show you who they are, believe them the FIRST time.
26. Read 4 books a month. Make 2 of the actual physical books.
27. Sing, and dance. A lot.
28. Let making $ be part of your creative process, let it be fun.
29. Spend time with people and around things that make you laugh.
30. Protect your energy with music, movies, and people.
31. Challenge all of your beliefs, AFT.
32. Spend time everyday journaling. It doesn’t matter how, just be present with yourself and you will find your groove.
33. Learn one thing every day that has nothing to do with your expertise.
34. Say all the things. Don’t hold back, just say them with love.
35. Talk a lot about what you love and don’t worry about what you don’t.
36. Spend time with the people you love. Give them your time and attention. LISTEN.
37. Validate people. Let them feel loved, seen, heard, and important. Let them be the VIP.
38. Do all the things that light you up and excite you. The happier I am, the more $ I make. Always.
39. Always have a fun plan on the calendar. A vacation, a staycation… Anything that you look forward to.
40. Do yoga, even if it’s only 10 minutes each morning.
41. Listen to Alpha binaural beats
42. Meditate, 20 minutes a day. Watch it change your life.
43. Say hi to your neighbors.
44. Watch the sunsets
45. Celebrate all day like you’re Oprah, celebrate the wins & the lessons.
46. Send LOVE to all the things that make you jealous. Celebrate and spotlight the humans who you wish you were more like.
47. Be the kind of human who you wish was in your life. The kind of client, friend, mentor you wish you had.
48. Keep flowers or plants around you
49. Be around things that fascinate you.
50. Talk kindly to yourself. “Awh beautiful… What’s wrong?” “Girl, your belly is soft and sexy!”
51. Tell the truth. You deserve outrageous freedom, and freedom is never ever having to be anything other than what we are.

BONUS: GO. FOR. IT. #allinbaby

I love you
Mandy xx



It’s a bit bold.
And it is what it is
It doesn’t matter if you are making the lowest you have ever made or you are turned up, healing the world and receiving millions.
This is a powerful way to create a lot more money, NOW.
For those of you who know me, you know how I roll…
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We give until it triggers us, and then we give MORE.

This is THAT

For those of you who don’t know me…

My name is Mandy Perry.
4 years ago this month I was a mother on welfare, working as a nanny, trying to put food on the table for my kids.
I launched my business and it went global generating $1MM in 25 months and has simply been one incredible ride since.

I teach step by step how to do this in the Accelerated Coaching Academy ( mandyperry.com/aca ) and it is my deepest honor to support epic humans to find their humans and heal the world!

But we aren’t in a position of strength to do that if we are stressed about MONEY or being a bit complacent playing small.
I’ve been crazy inspired by my friends lately. They’re playing BIG.
healing the world with www.myancientsecrets.com & his 3,000-year-old unbroken lineage. (I’m one of the humans he healed)Dr-

Clint Rogers-
with https://vibravision.com bringing vision to the blind and heart-centered entrepreneurs through energy. (Yes, it’s true, you can SEE without your EYES.)

Nate Zeleznick
who are helping me to continue increasing my capacity for LOVE. And people like my mentors and friendsGerald&Shawn

Healing is contagious.
Thriving is contagious.
Abundance is contagious.

Along this journey, I’ve met people who are ready to uplevel BIG with their income…

Because we can’t have the heart-centered humans feeling stressed about money.
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– Be their own boss.
– Donate without having to consider how much they can afford.
– Surprising people with big gifts.

So I decided to run this Masterclass, and I decided to do it for free.

It’s worth $20k and I REALLY MEAN THAT.
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And there is no such thing as too good….
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>>> HOW TO JOIN US!! <<<

For those who want to support us more in reaching others with this powerful support, you can share this post on your socials.


If you have any questions email support@mandyperry.com

EEeeee!!!I will see you in the masterclass!!