#morningLOVErant - Mandy Perry

Say it with me:
I am contagious healing for Abundance in the world.
Everything I touch turns to gold.

I receive mountains of abundance to be now.
I am generous, thoughtful, and wise.
I am a giver.
I receive as powerfully as I give.

I allow infinite wealth to flow through me to the world.

I choose the best life has to offer.
I participate in creating a world where others get to choose the best life has to offer.

I am patient.
Infinitely patient.
I react and respond in LOVE.
I am tapped into infinite LOVE and it flows through me endlessly.

I have endless energy.
I do my very best today and my best is ALWAYS enough.

I choose to be a woman who shows up 100% in everything I do.

It fuels me.
It teaches me.
It propels me.

And I always have the choice to rest.
To play.
To enjoy.

There is no need.
No must.
No have-to.

There is only choice and I choose 100% living.
I love you
mandy xx