I remember when I was working so hard to be busy every moment. - Mandy Perry

– Fill up all the small moments.
– Hire a driver and work in the back.
– Create as much as I possibly could

And it was fun for a while.
Until it wasn’t.
It was effective but it was lonely.

Now the goal is memories.
All while getting even more powerful results.

Humans to pick me up at the airport.
Games with Bailey while we drive.
Running jokes with friends.
Friends staying the weekend.
Mentors flying to my house for events and coaching.
Home for the holidays.
Retreats for deep connections with friends.

All while doubling my income. Again.

I just want to encourage you to reach for MORE than just making the $.

More than just a social media presence and fancy things.

More than the fame or notoriety.

Sure, have these too.
But they aren’t the point.

The goal is NOT to just go as fast and big as we can to see what we are made of.

❤️ The goal is a life well lived while consistently scaling.

❤️ The goal is to be a loving, present, generous human.

❤️ The goal is magic moments.

❤️ The goal is human evolution.

Sometimes I feel my ego urging me to just soar to the ethers solo…
To be the one who made it big.
To be unreachable.

And I chuckle and let it know, I’ve got something far greater than this I’m creating and to go play.

It’s safe to release the need to be the star.
It’s safe to dream of a life full of epic humans and connections.

A year ago I didn’t think I could have this and still double my success.

I’m really grateful for the courage I had to risk it all to create this new life I have full of humans and deep friendships.

And I’m stupid grateful for the humans in my life now that challenges me to keep dreaming for this life overflowing with love 🥰😍❤️

I love you,
Mandy xx


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