DOES GET WHAT YOU CAME FOR energy stop you from flow and ease? 🌈✌🏼 - Mandy Perry

He said “You’re a DAWG. You come in the room and are going to get it no matter what it takes.” 😳

It stopped me.
I thought, is that true?
Am I one of those people who chase the thing?
Is this the perception people have of me?

I scanned the day and how I had felt and what I was thinking about.
I thought about him, his former NFL career and life now, and what his world constructs are that I knew of.

And this was my conclusion.
“Fk* right.”

** All day I had been thinking about ll the humans out there wondering on earth they were going to finally get some financial freedom so they could breathe. **

Wondering how to break their family dynamics.
Wondering why they can’t seem to get themselves to do what they know to do.

All-day I had been watching people to see what they were struggling with and why.

All-day I had been holding a vision of what was possible for everyone in the room with us.

All-day I had been feeling the excitement of the ripple effect of the deep LOVE vibes we were playing in and sending to the world.

So when he met me I spoke to him with that LOVE and certainty.
I saw his greatness and reflected it back to him.

The impact it had on him was inspiration.

This is not impressive.. it is simply the effect of LIVING BIG and relentlessly focusing on what is possible for YOU, because if you cannot play big for yourself, you can’t help others to play their biggest game either.

It begins with US.
We believe in US.
We say YES.
We go ALL IN.
We dare to dream.

We dare to believe in ourselves and take risks to create EPIC lives.

Until then, we will not truly inspire others to choose themselves either.


What the hell are we waiting for? lol
Epic LOVE & life is NOT the thing to push off to tomorrow.
If ever anything was NOT the thing, that is it.

I love you,
mandy xx

πŸ“Έ: Dads for Christmas 🀣


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