What if you NEVER had to feel all that *!@!*# pressure ever again? β€πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰ - Mandy Perry

One year ago I made a decision that would change the course of my life.

— I decided to walk away from the world where we all chase money.
— Where how much $ we make defines our success as a human.
— Where we randomly just keep chasing more, more, more and wonder why we feel restless and anxious.
— Where we believe we are the rescuer of all the humans we love.
— Where how we look is the thing we showcase and perfection is the standard.
— Where a brand is more important than a human.
— Where fake, edited photos are expected.
— Where everything is easy and ALL about me.

Living the life.
The house, the car, the status, the ease.

And for a while, I needed this.
It was so healing.
I needed to outgrow the pervasive identity of the white trash girl, the dumb blond, the discardable human.

I needed a break from the LIFE of struggle and hardship.
I needed enough rest to see the abusive relationships I was in and have the courage and wisdom to leave.

It is SO important that we do NOT ever judge the phase we are in.
And equally as important to not judge the space others hold.

I teach my clients how to make all the money and have all the freedom because I could have never become this expansive without having experienced the self-absorbed good life.

There is a season for being self-absorbed.
This will teach you amazing skills, like boundaries, communication, and self-care to which you will take with you into your life of service.

This is how we develop a balance of tasting and experiencing the VERY best that life has to offer every waking moment #fullyalive, while also accomplishing our soul’s mission here. #fullyawake

Our evolution does NOT give us the wisdom to know another’s soul’s mission or journey. It only gives us the wisdom to know OURS.

It is our work to live TRUE to OUR journey.
TO tell the truth about OUR desires, our beliefs our needs.
To set goals that are true for us, and change our mind anytime we need to.

Often we have goals that have NOTHING to do with OUR true journey, driven by societal standards of success.

It’s SAFE to release that pressure.
fk it.

What do they know?
You are a unique soul with BILLIONS of years of cellular wisdom in you.

It takes a LOT of courage to walk away from the standard… it feels a lot like death. We are pack beings, but I promise you, if you follow that guidance inside rather than conforming to the norm.. you will meet the most extraordinary humans doing the same.

You will be the least alone you have ever been. ❀

I love you.
I will keep reminding you who you are.
mandy xx
PS: ACA begins this week!!! Eeee!!!

It’s time to LIVE… to really fkg LIVE.
Unapologetically AWAKE.

It’s time to ALLOW in the very best life has to offer.

It’s time to bring the very best of you to the world, and allow those searching for you to fond you.

Your work is to have the COURAGE to be loved the way the world wants to LOVE you.

You have a powerful voice that only YOU, with your personality, your wisdom, and YOUR way of being can reach them.

You have the dream burning inside calling you to more.
SO much more than this.
More than the 9-5 robot life.
More than the compare myself to her and feel bad life.
More than the worrying what others think life.
More than the financial pressure of life.
More than the “because my parents said” life.
More than the societal structures, the religious dogma the shame, the guilt, and the fear LIFE.

It’s time to wake the fk up and do what you came here to do, and in order to do this, it needs to be SIMPLE.

You and I both know you aren’t doing this to the level you are meant to do it because a big part of you (I suggest its the wisest part of you.. refuses to get sucked into a new version of the old 9-5!!)

You refuse to make it complicated and suffocating.
You CRAVE true freedom.

and you are human and have been playing at a good 60% at best.

And maybe now you have had enough of that and are ready to learn how to BE & be seen.
How to allow abundance to flow through you and allow the world to LOVE you the way they want to love you.

And MAYBE my voice reaches you deep in the fog, and high on the mountain top.

If so, ACA Jan 2021 is a perfect fit for you.

My zone of genius is making money rapidly with ease.
No fancy ego-driven things.

Just getting crystal clear what your voice is and how to reach your humans and create massive freedom for yourself… one concise, powerful step at a time.

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