Wow! A lot of excitement about ACA while I’m frolicking in Costa Rica 🌈 - Mandy Perry

Here’s what matters 🥰🙌
(I really mean this)

1. I went from zero to a million in 25 months coaching online and creating a digital program.
That’s real.
✨ I’m no different than you. ✨
Everything is learnable.

2. I was a single mother juggling work kids and school and did it in the most outrageously simple way that exists.
There’s never been a successful human that looked at my company and didn’t say “that’s it?!”
That’s it. 😆🙌🎉

This. Is. 💯. Learnable.

You won’t have to do anything you truly don’t want to do. THIS IS THE PART that causes the most massive break through.

One of the reasons you haven’t had the huge breakthrough you desire is because this is hard to believe.

Trust me, you ARE over complicating it 😆😆

I’m teaching you, in ACA, what I teach my close friends… and some of my close friends are in this round.

This is for coaches, thought leaders, healers, and entrepreneurs.

If you want to have financial freedom…
Leave an impact on humans…
Travel the world…
Make your own schedule…
Take care of your parents…
Give your kids a life you never had…

And my voice resonates with you, my way of being resonates with you… You want it to be simple and powerful, this is for you.
The rest is just ways we try to talk ourselves out of being brave.

Accelerated Coaching Academy Jan 2021
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