Wow. - Mandy Perry

Just one year ago I set the goal to do life with other humans rather than this solo success show.
This morning I was just sitting here in awe at how easy that was.

It felt SO impossible.
Utterly impossible.

And here it is.
In this moment, I am so keenly aware of how powerfully we manifest.

You will live according to your thoughts and words.

Your words and emotions CREATE reality.
This isn’t fluff, it isn’t woo.
And it certainly doesn’t become untrue just because we ignore it 😂😂😆

We just manifest sh**.

It’s time to wake up. ❤️
I love you….. enough to be the voice in your feed telling you to wake the fk up and get really intentional about WHAT AND WHY your life is.

Fk the fake standards of success.
Fk the societal normals.

You are here to trail blaze.
To be the example of what is infinitely possible.

No more 60%
No more quitting before you even begin.
No more wasting your magical self on sh** that doesn’t even matterrrrrr to youuuuuuuuu.

Let go.
Step up.
Let’s go, my friend.
I’m with you.
Every single step of the way.

I love you.
Mandy xx
PS: you ready?
Step by step online success.

What else is it going to take? 🥰
There are humans who need us.
They are searching for us!!!!

It is our duty to be bright and make it easy for them to find us

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