#morningLOVErant (at night lol) - Mandy Perry

I am filled with healthy, positive, loving thoughts.
My thoughts are reflected in my experience.

I easily surrender to emotions and let them pass without judgment.

I feel stable and steady,
My mind is clear and my energy is clean.

I am tuned into my heart and the energy pulsing through.

I feel jealousy, anger, anxiety, overwhelm.
Gratitude, excitement, joy.
Longing, frustration, sadness.

And I ride the wave with ease.
I feel without attachment and smile as I feel the massive alivenesssssssssss….

SO FKG ALIVEEEEE hahahahahaha

I feel free.

I’m doing a good job.
I’m doing a good job.

I’ve done enough today.
I feel the satisfaction.
I feel the sense of a day well lived, no matter what happened.

I am awake. alive. Tuned in. Turned on

EEEeee!! ❤

I love you
mandy xx