You were always going to make it. - Mandy Perry

It was always going to happen.

You were always going to be the one who brought your power to the world for others to be held in.

You were always going to outgrow those around you.

You are the one who does it UNTIL.
No one said it had to be graceful or linear.

It’s going to be messy and crazy.
You are going to change identities 294,679 times.

You are going to wake up as a new you in a new world, over and over.

You are going to have some messy habits that persist and frustrate you, because you are human.
THIS DOES NOT DISQUALIFY YOU FROM bringing your genius to the world.

As a matter of fact, every genus I ever met has some serious quirks. lol

You will always feel like there are 100 things you didn’t know and the smarter you get, the more experience you glean, the more you realize you didn’t know… all the way until you feel like you know absolutely nothing at all. 😂

SO, there’s no reason at all to not go all in today.

There’s not one more thing you need to learn to BEGIN.
You will learn 100x faster when you are DOING it rather than trying to learn it all.

Where are you holding back?
What is the excuse that has been working?
What do you need to BELIEVE in order to be ALL IN?
What do you need to DO to back that?


I love you
mandy xx

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