#morningLOVErant - Mandy Perry

Say it with me:
I am so grateful to be friends with extraordinary humans.

I feel warm and fuzzy all over thinking about how connected I am. 🥰

My house is organized, clean energy and full of sunshine.

I’m vibing high and in a steady flow state. ✨
My confidence is soaring.

I deeply feel the thank you’s in my inbox from students and clients.
I feel their love and gratitude in every cell of my being. 🥰

I am present and tuned in to my kids and family.
I consistently give the very best of me to my humans.

I always give 100% 🔥
I take responsibility for myself.
I clean up my own messes.
I’m steady and reliable.

Every one of my accounts is in financial overflow.
I donate to causes that excite me.

My environment is beautiful and feels like “me”

I feel a buzz of excitement about the next vacation I’m taking Bailey on next month 😍

I’m settled

I feel MY feelings and let them pass.

I transform on the mat.
I find stillness easily.
I live in a state of constant excitement. 😆
I fuel myself with whole foods every day.
And I bask in the sunshine and fresh air.


I love you
Mandy xx