I can’t help but think about what would have happened if I missed it.

If I hadn’t had the courage to go all-in on my business and really do this thing. 😳🤯😳

It would have been a fleeting idea just like any other idea… that would have passed, without me taking action on it, and then I’d have had NO CLUE that it was the moment that literally everything would change for me.

I’d become wildly successful, impacting tens of thousands, recognized around the world…

I’d get to know really amazing humans who would help me, guide me and call my ass to more.

I’d learn about wealth and love.
I’d learn to become a loving, non-judgemental human.

I’d become powerful.
Truly powerful.

Can you just imagine if I had not listened to that ping?

It’s not ok to not be obedient to the intuitive and genius ideas you get.

It’s just not ok.
You have NO IDEA what you are missing!!!!!
Not one clue!

But I can tell you, you are missing some incredible things. For sure.

Unavailable for the sidelines.
Unavailable for the too scared life.
Unavailable for the I can’t afford it life.
Unavailable for the – don’t have time life.

Not one more day.
One more hour.
One more minute.

What you decide now matters.
So say F** YES to your dreams.


mandy xx
(Photo with my porthole friend: Bill) 📸


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– You don’t want to mess with complex technology
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– You don’t want to have some fancy life just to be taken seriously
– You don’t want to spend your whole life on social media.
– You don’t want to edit and censor yourself.
– You don’t ever want to feel like you are pushing sales on people or chasing clients.

– You want flow, ease, and alignment.
– You want to have a powerful voice that reaches people in the fog.
– You want to be focused on the things that matter to you
– You want time freedom.
– You want unlimited financial scalability
– You want to have simple things to do each day that work.

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